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Post  cdubbz731 on Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:46 am

Had to schedule a league game on our own, We tried to schedule this the week prior to the season starting and Tesla did not want to. So we had another night battle vs Tesla on back to back Thursdays.
Tesla had about 14 and Devils had 16 show up, much different crew for us than the week prior. Devils had the majority of the possession the first 10-15 then Tesla the next 10-15 and back to the Devils the last part of the 1st half. Richie Weiand made an incredible diving save off a rocket from #11 at the corner of the 18. Not sure how he saved it but it didn't go in. 0-0 at Half. A lot of missed calls and a lot of "if u scream loud enough" u'll get the call - type of calls. AR's on both sides seem to have been their first game ever. Ref in the middle, Dillon, (u still owe us $4 btw) was making calls whenever he felt like he wanted to and let the exact same situation go moments later- for both teams. Tesla defenders even were saying 'bad call' when it was in their favor. eh... 0-0 at half.

Seemed like every deflection, clearance from the Devils, fell to the foot of a Tesla player the entire 2nd half. Weiand made another diving save off a giveway, hit crossbar and rolled for a corner. Devils finally got on the board from a corner kick Matt Chase to Hirschbeck header got stopped at the 6, but he followed his own rebound to side netting 1-0 Devils 70 mins in. Here's where the fun begins. Like I mentioned above, if u get touched and u scream loud enough, u may get the call. well every single 50/50, ticky tack play seemed to go against the Devils. about 10 mins left, Tesla pushed everyone forward and there was a play in the box where our defenders made a nice goal saving sliding block on a Tesla forward, ball fell perfectly to the Telsa forward who pushed it wide to the corner of the 6. Joe Bennett made a nice 50/50 clearing ball out of bounds for another Tesla corner, but the Tesla player screamed and the ref was about 20 yards away and made a PK call. He advised that since our player swung his leg towards the ball, there was intent to take him down. Well in all my years of soccer, if u need to swing ur leg to kick the ball. It was a 50/50 and we lose that call somehow. Now ensuing PK. Tesla had 2-3 guys in/around the PK spot when the kick was taken. Which would call for the PK to be retaken. nicely placed PK to the right side, Richie guessed wrong, but the entire Devils team was yelling for the Tesla players inside the box prior to the ball being kicked. Head ref said he was looking at the kicker, and AR said he was looking at the goalie. 1-1, 83rd? minute. Awful call. Guess if u study hard enough for something u can pass the test (referee test). Doesn't mean that u know what ur doing.
Moments later, Devils pushed and had a corner kick. ball fell around 10 yards out, Devils kicked it and it went off Tesla player raising his arm, no call for a PK there.
Game would end 1-1. Stinks to have a great game from both teams to end in a tie on a poorly awarded PK. I was told after the game, that at half time Tesla player mentioned that the only way they were going to score on Weiand was a PK. welp. there u have it. Best of Luck to Tesla, possibly meet them for a 3rd time in August.


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Post  Matt Marcin...z on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:56 pm

if you guys meet for a third time in August, cancel the reservations at Nichols...this game needs to take place at Edison Elementary in the Devils' traditional territory of Tonawanda

Matt Marcin...z

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