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Revolution SC 2 - Moby Ducks 4 Empty Revolution SC 2 - Moby Ducks 4

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:42 am

This game boiled down to a few things: The Ducks were fighting for their playoff lives, they capitalized on the few chances they had, we played poorly, the ref was brutal.

There, that pretty much sums up this game. The Ducks first goal came early on in the first half. Our field was in good shape, but we had received a bunch of rain overnight. I wasn't expecting the ball to skip as much as it did, which was my fault. A relatively harmless cross came in from the left side. I went to play it out, and as I did it skipped past me instead of bouncing up. This was a problem because it went right to their striker who buried the chance just past the outstretched hand of Huber. That was all on me. 1-0 Ducks. We would bounce back a little later with some fine movement up front. Andy Page found Nate O'Donnell near the 18, and he made no mistake about it. 1-1. Then, we had another unfortunate skip play bite us. The Ducks had a corner, which was placed towards the top of the 18. Andy Page went to play it, assuming it would bounce up, but instead it took a crazy skip and hit his hand. PK, 2-1 Ducks. Now, this is where the turning point happens in the game, and probably where we lost our heads and the game. About five minutes after the Ducks' PK, the same exact play happened in their box. We sent a cross in, and the ball hit the hand of the Ducks' player inside the 18. However, for some strange reason, the ref decided to NOT award us with a PK. If they called the one on us this HAD to have been called. It wasn't, and the ref pretty much ignored most of everything else from there on in.

Second half saw plenty of chances. The Ducks went up 3-1 after some miscommunication off of a free kick, and a perfect placement by the Ducks, from said free kick, into the upper corner of the net. We pressed hard after that, and O'Donnell found Ryan Pulaski, who did some major work, for our second goal, 3-2. We pressed even harder with the clock winding down, and that's where the Ducks countered. We had everyone pressed up to try for the equalizer, but they found the ball and sent a pretty much wide open Duck striker in on goal. 4-2. End of game.

There were plenty of chippy plays, and talking from both sides, but again, nothing unusual for a BDSL game. Good luck to the Ducks as they make their playoff push. And now, we get a nice week off to relax, reload, and come back, wait. We have a game the next day?!?!?!? I guess that means another recap.....

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