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Crimson Fire 5 - Grand Island 2 Empty Crimson Fire 5 - Grand Island 2

Post  MitchAC on Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:11 am

It was a beautiful day on the Island as we looked to avenge our Tehel Cup loss earlier in the season. We had an abnormal amount of guys, 20, GI had about 16 which turned into 15. I showed up kind of late so the lineup did not get set properly but in the end it worked out.

The game started with GI taking it right to us, in the midst of me putting my things on I saw GI dribbling around a few guys and getting the ball into dangerous places where Dylan would be quick off of his line to collect. After about 10 mins of this we finally settled in, luckily unscathed. We would then get on the board when new addition Kyle Hofsciender collected the ball and then passed it over to Cunningham who flicked the ball ahead for Jamie who outran the defenders easily. Their goalie (Lucas) thought about coming up and started to but Jamie put the ball around and then into the net. Surprisingly this is Jamies first goal of the year, 8 games in, after having 16 last year. He has missed a few games with school and injury but its nice to see him on the board. Around the 20' mark we would make it 2-0. Jared Billica playing OB decided to play with the ball around our 18. After guys screamed at him to get rid of it as a GI guy was on his back, he looked up and sent the ball down the field to Colin who, with his speed, ran by defenders easily. Lucas came out all the way this time and Colin calmly flicked it by him into the net. Moments later Cunningham would get his first goal from Hofsciender. Dylan G punted the ball and Kyle had the most beautiful flick straight off the punt with his head, sending Cunningham in who beat the goalie short side. 3-0. GI would get a goal in the dying moments of the half on a cross that fell right in between Mike Asbach and Brandon Claps and the striker put the ball right in. 3-1 HT.

We were pretty happy with the score and the way we were moving the ball around. We knew 2 goals wouldn't be hard for such skilled team so we had to keep the pressure up.

About 10' into the second half Jared Francesosa made a challenge for the ball and tapped a guy's ankle who proceeded to go down and scream as it had been chopped off, something that was prevalent in this game. Jared thought he heard the shooter ask for 10 so began to pack up to set up the wall. Shooter shoots into open net. 3-2. At that point the game could have gone either way. Jamie missed a break a way, Colin hit a post and Paul Lagno had two chances in the 18. Yet Cunningham would give us a 2 goal lead back collecting the ball from Stryker and beating Lucas clean about half way through the half. Colin would get sent in by Paul who beat the goalie again. 5-2.

Now the game got real chippy after the fourth goal. I think it was a mix of a young team not use to playing physical and not use to losing but as soon as Mark Passainto made a slide tackle which got all ball and the GI player wasn't touched they were mad. After Colin's second goal number 48? Came over and pushed him down. Literally Colin scored, ball is away and kid comes over. Later on Jamie beats a guy and another one literally drop kicks, both feet up and catches Jamie in the ankles. No intent for the ball and no remorse after the play. With about 6' left Mark and Colin somehow found themselves waiting for a cross in the box when something was said and about 4 players circled around the two and began shoving them around. The ref who was watching the play didn't see anything until we alerted him. He went to stop it but never stopped play so Jamie with the ball got taken down. I felt for the ref as his ARs did nothing to help him today. The final play of the game was when two players squared up and went straight into Mark with the ball, with one of the older guys coming up and screaming at Mark "we warned you, you had it coming."

Whatever though, we will take the 3 points and move on to Hamburg Thursday night.


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