Devils 11 - Erie County - 0

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Devils 11 - Erie County - 0 Empty Devils 11 - Erie County - 0

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:24 am

Devils were suppose to have 19 show, only 15 did, 1 left at half time.
Erie County had 10 at first but made it quickly to 12 total within the first 5-10 mins of game.
Just gunna be honest here, the score line shows how the game went.... one sided. I give props to ECFC due to the fact they never stopped playing hard. it was 7-0 by halftime. Shortly after going up 3? 4, we moved guys from defense to forward and forward to defense. Richie Weiand had the 1st half SO and Shawn Powers had the 2nd half SO.
Breakdown of Goals and Assists:
A. Fusani (3)
M. Chase
M. Campbell
C. Wzontek
Z. Hirschbeck
K. Bukoweicki
R. Martin
M. Mcleskey

S. Powers (2)
M. Chase (2)
M. Campbell
B. Wzontek
A. Fusani
M. Mcleskey
M. Wzontek

Game was called about 10-15 mins early due to score and weather moving in. Good game. Look forward to tomorrow night 845 game vs our little brothers. FC Aftershock. Devils need to win out to win the Division Title.


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