FCQ Summary since Wolfpack 3-0 L, then B2B 1-1 Draws

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FCQ Summary since Wolfpack 3-0 L, then B2B 1-1 Draws Empty FCQ Summary since Wolfpack 3-0 L, then B2B 1-1 Draws

Post  spfallon9432 on Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:05 pm

Not even sure where I stopped recapping our matches but in short, its been one tough season. We are basically playing without 5 key players we were relying on preseason majority of matches, with Kerr being the exception having made about half.

After complete melt downs mid-season vs. Hoops & Rangers that wrecked our otherwise not-horrid GD, we took advantage of some rest finally to regroup and bring our A-game versus Wolfpack. A really strong, effective first half went unrewarded with us somehow missing several close range chances while only conceding a couple ambitious long takes by Wolfpack (Get ready for a theme here). Second half, Wolfpack swung things a bit into their favor, but it was still relatively even with both sides having a couple looks to go ahead. An incredibly lucky goal that basically saw the ball smashed off a Wolfpack players chest and into the top corner around 70-75' was the crushing blow that did us in. We've developed a horrible habit this year of conceding additional goals against in games we are pushing to equalize, and did the same that day ultimately losing by a very deceiving 3-0 scoreline (My count of these such goals this year is at 7).

That Wolfpack result meant a lot, and hurt a lot, putting us into must-win mode for real. Our Defense had come around, but unfortunately in our next match, our snake-bitten ways continued. After an even first 20 minutes or so against Alliance we really took control of the match, scoring a pretty go-ahead around 25 minutes. We dominated the remainder of half, but failed to put them away on chances a couple of our best finishers would want back 1v1 with their GK. Second half was more of the same, pretty dominant possession and no less than 4 more grade-A looks to ice it. I'm still trying to figure out how at least one of those did not go in, with a couple posts, an incredible save, and some straight misses all involved. We continued to control pretty much to within 7-8 minutes remaining when OPA started to get some desperate pushes. On what seemed to be a harmless long ball with about 3 minutes left all but 1 Quake player got caught out of the most ideal positions, and a mistimed header fell in perfect stride and touch onto a OPA foot, who had a simple tap-in near post from an angle at that point. 1-1 FT in about the most lopsided tie/feels like a loss I have been a part of in my life.

So once again, we head into last night basically feeling like its win-or-die mode against Beast, whom throttled us last season on the same Sweet Home pitch 5-0 in a game we basically had no defenders. With no bachelor parties to screw us, and Kerr making the late trip to be in attendance, it figured to be a better match and one we could win with some finishing. First half was very even, with back-and-forth possession but Beast with probably 1 or 2 more decent looks than us. Eaton was up to task all night and we took a 1-0 lead around 15' from Kerr off a good build-up, leading to a look from the top of the 18 that was initially blocked back to him, then thumped back home low corner. Unfortunately we couldn't make it last as Keem made a nice run outside, beating our OB on the endline and finding Callahan streaking into the box, similar to Kerr's goal, initial shot was stopped but came right back onto his foot and he made no mistake. 1-1 around 25'. Half played out with an edge to Beast in possession and looks, but only 1 of dangerous nature Eaton had to parry wide for a CK. 2nd half I would say went 60-40 in favor of Beast, as we seemed to tire late on the massive pitch and lost Mammoliti to injury, which really hurt our final third play. We finally received what I would call some luck when Callahan unleashed a bomb from about 35 yards out that froze Eaton, buckled mid-flight and cranked off the upper-right 90. One thing I must say is there was a ton of late fouls from them and whining. I was pretty irked by late in the match how uneven calls were as well. We defended set pieces well today, but it easily could of cost us the point with 5 FK's given to Beast on top of our 18, and 0 given our way, despite the worst 3/4 fouls in that area being committed by them. Things almost got out of hand when a Beast player plowed through Kerr extraordinarily late (Ball was 30 yards away by then) and Kerr justifiably took exception since the refs somehow did not, fortunate for that kid he was smart enough to not further egg Kerr on and cooler heads prevailed. After the post-scare, game played without much to write home about, as we pretty much had to settle for 1-1. Unlike the OPA tie, this one felt justified.

With the out-of-town scoreboard not going our way of late, healthy bodies running thin and the brutal ways we have dropped points this Summer piling up, our backs are truly up against the wall. We put our mettle to the test Thursday evening against a tough Southtowns side and end the season with what we hope (with any sort of bloody luck) will be a win-or-relegate matchup against Lykan FC.


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