Devils 3 - FC Aftershock -0

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Devils 3 - FC Aftershock -0 Empty Devils 3 - FC Aftershock -0

Post  cdubbz731 on Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:21 am

lordy, was this game hyped up via good ole twitter banter. All in good fun little brother.
Devils showed up with 15, got to 16 by half time.
Aftershock had quite a few subs but didn't count them.

Aftershock had possession maybe the first 5 mins of the game and Devils had to settle in. I thought they were joking they like to thread the 40-50-60 yard balls to their forwards. They weren't. A Lot of them were gobbled up by our defenders tonight. Devils got on the board via PK from a foul outside/inside the box. I was so far away from the play I couldn't tell if he was in or not. Ref called it a PK. Z. Hirschbeck stepped up and nicely placed it by their stand in keeper. I heard after the game he was their center back who happened to play goalie tonight IMO he may be the starting goalie for them from now on as he made at least 4 break away saves and was just all over the place when the ball was loose in the box. Devils 2nd goal came maybe 10 minutes later when a nice ball was played over the heads of Aftershock and M. Wzontek was taken down in the box. Matt Chase placed the ball almost exactly the same place as the first one. 2-0 Devils Halftime.

Not much going on in the 2nd. Marcus Campbell found Shawn Powers in alone behind the defenders maybe half way through the 2nd and both he and goalie collided as he shot the ball, ball ended up rolling into the net. 3-0 Devils. That's where it would stay the rest of the way out. Alex Fusani was all over the place tonight but was snake bitten. score could have been a lot worse if he finished some/all of his chances. The new addition to the team was a great pick up by our GM Rog Martin. Richie Weiand with the SO again tonight. Not sure he had to do too much tonight, but he's a stud back.

Many a beer was had afterwards, yes including Mich Ultra's. I'd say maybe 20-25 people hung out after and had beers. Devils look to solidify the League Title Sunday with a Win. Twisted Evil


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Devils 3 - FC Aftershock -0 Empty Re: Devils 3 - FC Aftershock -0

Post  deadrichard on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:30 am

Great game... unfortunate to lose on two PKs (first of which was questionable) but it could've went either way.. for whatever reason we decided to revert to dump and chase, but Devils back line was all over our strikers, and when Voit or Bonadonna had a step on the back line Rich was there to scoop up the ball. MOTM goes to fill-in keeper Ben Spaulding, who single handedly kept us in that game and stood on his head multiple times. Big brother has an official all time lead on us 2-0.
The greatest part about this game was after in my opinion. 20+ guys hanging out, rippin beers and smoking cigs (just us on FCA, it helps your cardio) is really what makes D3 great.
Best of luck to Devils on their push for the title

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