Martinez Tally Caps Off 6-Goal, Come-From-Behind, Playoff-Clinching, 6-Point in 48.5 Hour, Total Coyote Team Effort.

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Martinez Tally Caps Off 6-Goal, Come-From-Behind, Playoff-Clinching, 6-Point in 48.5 Hour, Total Coyote Team Effort. Empty Martinez Tally Caps Off 6-Goal, Come-From-Behind, Playoff-Clinching, 6-Point in 48.5 Hour, Total Coyote Team Effort.

Post  david martinez on Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:53 pm

Sunday, FC Yemen rolled into C-Town hungry for points in order to help stave off relegation.  We, however, were ready for the challenge.  

Having thoroughly outplaying but losing the previous Sunday, and on the cusp of a playoff spot, we Coyotes entered the foray ravenously desperate for a 3 point vindication.  We came to play.

Like every premier level squad, FC Yemen is good.  They have some speed, they play hard, and they play well.

We scored early.  Tony Calarco is mix between a wolverine, a badger, and a mongoose.  You don't want to f$%k with that dude.  He had a great finish to take the lead.  

They were awarded a PK and tied it up later.  -  With about 15 minutes left in the game, JJ pummeled the ball from 30 yards out - it sailed over the keeper and in.  Amazing goal.  LP1 made some fantastic saves throughout the game and, especially, down the stretch. He saved the game for us. The guy is frozen in time.

Schroentrain and rookie sensation Clint were very very good all game.  Clint was a monster - all over the field and great control.

2-1 final.  

MVP Triumverate:

Clint, Shcroentrain, and LP1.

Quote of the game:  (#4)defender from Yemen, "You still got it."  (Talking to me - surely referencing my nearly mistake-free play as of late...)

On to the next one - two nights later...

Kanga-Roos vs Coyotes

We all made it in one piece through the tough neighborhoods of South Buffalo and onto the Police Station-neighboring sanctuary that is Mulroy Field for a Tuesday night Soiree vs. the Roos - another tough team that was desperate to stave off relegation.  As we had our pre-game discussion on how a win would punch our playoff ticket, rookie sensation Berardi briefly showed off his boxing stance and quickly threw a shadow rabbit punch... They only showed up with 11 - but those dudes came to play.  Play was relatively even to start, but they had the stronger opportunities.  They were rewarded with an early goal.  They have this speedy, super-skilled forward who challenged us all game.  I think he was the one who scored. 1-0 Kangas.  If not for 2 posts and a few good saves by Leonard, we would have been down 3 or 4 zip early.

Needless to say, we settled in after 15 minutes or so, and started to wear the subless Roos down a bit.  Incho had a nice close finish, then Gare Bear had a patient, professional goal, followed by another Incho goal (PK - following a hard working penalty draw by Derek) to close out the half.  

3-1 half time, #YotesNation

Second half started with relentless pressure up top.  15 minutes in, our efforts were rewarded with a strong finish by Brody (already had an assist too) - he is one of our resident strongmen.  Later, more pressure ended with the goal of the game:  Berardi, Clarence' leading scorer this year had an  absolute screamer from the 15 yard line.  The bullet would still be travelling if not for the net.  That kid is good.  Funny dude too.  Well, the evening ended with my favorite goal of the game.  Having already shot a header and a gimme wide right, I was destined to find the back of the net in a third times a charm scenario.  The scenario presented itself when a hard-working Josecito found me just outside the six yard box, I received the pass (left to right), cut back to the left around the (very good, strong) goalie - he got a little piece of it - I muscled it a bit further away from him (I thanked him later for not grabbing my legs at that point - some goalies would have) and shot -- someone got another piece (maybe the keeper), but it found it's way in!  First goal of the season for me.  I felt like a little kid.  I pointed up to the heavens.  I gave high fives.  I hugged a reluctant Jose.  I shouted out that I love South Buffalo.  I shouted to Sief to take me out so I could go out on a high note like Costanza.  He kept me in.  It was bedlam.

6-1 Final.

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