Devils 0 - GWB 3

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Devils 0 - GWB 3 Empty Devils 0 - GWB 3

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:18 am

Big turn out for both sides as GWB had 19 guys and Devils had 20.
Not sure if Devils thought our game was at 6 or 830, bc we showed up at 6 for a game but didn't start playing. GWB came out the first 15 and had all control. We didn't know what hit us. GWB hit the post a few minutes in. GWB had possession the majority of the game. They got on the board maybe 10 minutes into the game where we couldn't get the ball out of our end, which seemed to be the theme the 1st half, Hard low shot to the left, Richie got a tip on it but not enough. 1-0 GWB. After the first 15, Devils finally decided to show up and had some possession on the other end but GWB kept clearing the ball back up field. Devils put a ton of pressure on GWB that last 10 or so but couldn't get a ball in on net as shots were high and wide, or gobbled up by their keeper. 1-0 half.

Devils came out the 1st 30 seconds of the 2nd with a shot that just missed up 90 from Marcus Campbell. If that goes in, different ball game. Nope-wide. 1-0 GWB still. A lot of back and forth in the 2nd with not much happening. About half way in, almost exact same goal as the 1st. we cleared the ball back up the middle, GWB snagged it up , passed it around 1-2x and same shot, hard low and to the left, Richie got a hand on it but again, not enough 2-0. The game was a physical but super clean game until their defender up ended Matt Chase, no intention on the ball, (as the ball was maybe 5 yards away) Yellow card shown. I know the guy didn't mean to do it at all, but my belief was straight red. Only a yellow was shown. Maybe 10 minutes left in the game a end line cross came to the 6, Richie called keeper but their FWD slipped in btwn him and the ball and headed it near side 3-0.
GWB is a great team, of course had beers after the game. Best of Luck to GWB next weekend. As for the Devils we finish 10-1-1. great season but just decided to forget to play how to play soccer last night. We get our sundays back for a few weeks before football starts. Maybe we just wanted to see how a losing Monday morning feels before football season starts? Cheers. til next season. #d3forever


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