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Revolution SC 1 - Aurora Arsenal 0 Empty Revolution SC 1 - Aurora Arsenal 0

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:36 pm

It is very weird that a playoff match write up is harder to write than a regular season one. I don't have nearly as much to say after this one as any of our previous games (even the two that I missed).

Both sides showed up with plenty of guys (it seemed that AAII was subbing an entire team at times). The weather was absolutely perfect for a game, and the ref crew did a fantastic job! It was nice to see a different crew for a change as well.

Both sides were pretty evenly matched. I am pretty sure that our team average age was probably 15+ years older than theirs. Maybe that's just because I feel old next to a teenager.....

There was plenty back and forth during the first half. Both sides had their chances, but nothing came of it. There really wasn't anything crazy from the first half. Second half started much the same, with both sides having some chances. We broke through at the 20' mark. Chad Sleiman made some nifty moves at the top of the 18 and was able to find a wide open (but not for long) Nate O'Donnell moving in. He took a touch or two and then blasted a shot towards the net. The defender came back just in time, for us that is. Nate's shot barely brushed the defender, but it was enough to throw off their goalie. 1-0. There were a few yellow cards given, and some hard fouls, but nothing major. AAII just couldn't seem to finish the plays that they had in our end. A good chunk of the reason was our tight defense and Frank making plays, but they let a few good plays build up only to fizzle out. Good group of guys (kids) there. Best of luck next year. Now, we get to play for the championship for the second time in the past three seasons against an even tough GWB team. Should be lots of fun!

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