NY Elite 3, Bangarang FC 0

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NY Elite 3, Bangarang FC 0 Empty NY Elite 3, Bangarang FC 0

Post  deadrichard on Mon May 07, 2018 1:10 pm

Near perfect opening day conditions this year, whereas last year our opening game had two lightning delays. Referees were late, and there was some type of lacrosse practice going on at Nichols but we got started shortly after 2pm with almost no warmup. Both teams were pretty even numbers wise, having pretty bad attendance issues for this early in the season. Elite had maybe 15 or 16 while we started with 13 and finished with 14.

Elite's first goal was an absolutely filthy snipe from just outside the 18 maybe 15 minutes in. D3 teams take note- if you give Alba time he will capitalize and make you pay. You could've put any goalie in the BDSL in net and they wouldn't have been able to get it.

The whole game kind of followed this sequence of events: we would carry the ball up the field into the final third, maintain possession and then turn it over or shoot, then Elite would come back on a quick counter.

Elite's second goal came of a counter- they swung it out wide to one of their forwards, he swung in a cross and somehow our 3 players at the top of the 18 couldn't get there before they're striker and he made no mistake in putting it high and away from our keeper.

After this we began to push numbers forward and had a few changes, but didn't capitalize or finish on anything, hence the goose egg for our score. While we were pushing Elite got the ball over our back line and they're forward was 1v1 and that's all she wrote. 3-0 final score.

Elite is a solid young team and they will do well this year. Good clean game by them, and best of luck moving forward.

As for us we are back at Nichols this weekend at 4pm vs North Buffalo FC.

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