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BUSS 6 - EAFC 3 Empty BUSS 6 - EAFC 3

Post  B_Calvaneso on Mon May 07, 2018 2:51 pm

So twitter has kind of killed off the BDSL forums...I can't promise I will continue writing these (I got sick of doing them halfway through the season last year) but here we go.

Our starting lineup was:
I. Martin
J. Martin

EAFC opened the scoring on a miscommunication between Hammer and new keeper Clark. As Clark was picking up a shot, Hammer ran into him causing the ball to pop loose to a EAFC player for an easy tap in.

1-0 EAFC

The mighty Kyle Clifford established his dominance over EAFC soon after on a nice run off a feed from I. Martin.


We took the lead on a brilliant play from I. Martin when he dribbled a couple EAFC'ers and slotted it back to an oncoming Rider. His shot was deflected and found itself ending up in the side netting.

2-1 BUSS

M. Hussein put us up by two when he played a nice give and go with Sabtow and made no mistake sliding it past the EAFC keeper.

3-1 BUSS

Clifford added his second of the night off a nice feed from BUSS newcomer May.

4-1 BUSS

EAFC scored after gaining a decent amount of possession in our end. I can't recall exactly how it happened though.

4-2 BUSS

Clifford earned a hat trick off a nice defensive stop from outside back Torrico, who played the ball into Clifford about 40 yards out. Clifford went on a brilliant solo run, dusting the EAFC defense and putting it past the keeper.

5-2 BUSS

M. Hussein tallied again on another nice pass from Sabtow with a bit of a scrappy scramble in the box. His sheer determination allowed him to keep possession through a few EAFC defenders and earn a brace.

6-2 BUSS

Once again a bit of a miscommunication between our defenders as both Suazo and Clark let off the ball on a corner kick that somehow found its way into our net.

6-3 BUSS

We missed a PK, and also missed two breakaways on the night.

It took us a little while to find our scoring groove and link up some quality passes. Luckily Kyle Clifford came to party and showed once again that he is one of the most dominant attackers in the BDSL when healthy. The grass hurt us a bit as we sort of forgot how to play on grass for a while, but eventually got things sorted out.
-M. Hussein put in a gutsy performance, causing fits for the EA defense
-Clark was fantastic when called upon to make a couple tough saves
-Newcomers J. Martin, May, Torrico, and Rider fit in right away and all had fantastic games
-Suazo and Hammer were strong in the middle of our defense
-Walsh and A. Saysay were relentless in pursuit of the ball.

Well done to the EAFC boys, they played hard and should do well this season. We wish them well the rest of the way.


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BUSS 6 - EAFC 3 Empty Re: BUSS 6 - EAFC 3

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Tue May 08, 2018 4:04 am

B_Calvaneso wrote:So twitter has kind of killed off the BDSL forums...I can't promise I will continue writing these (I got sick of doing them halfway through the season last year) but here we go.

I disagree...look at the view counts, which don't exactly seem to be declining; there've been two new members (Ryan O'Keefe and James Keysa) who've signed up to post week 1 recaps so far.  The forum might not be the first stop online for things BDSL-related, but it's not dead or dying...even though Schieber and Rademaker haven't exactly helped the forum's cause by mostly refraining from posting in these parts over the past couple years.  Tough to kill anything in 280 characters or less, even in slogan-heavy and somewhat braindead 2018....

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