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Post  Fritz on Mon May 14, 2018 9:48 am

A sunny day at Ken East started with Buffalo Celtic starting strong for the first 10 minutes which was the complete opposite of last weeks debacle but nothing on the score board to show for it. RVs took control at that point and brutalized us down the right wing the rest of the half. they seemed to have 5 guys attacking our outside defender and mid the entire half. Captain Sweatpants (I say this only because he wore sweats all indoor) broke two of our players ankles and had a third so scared he did not challenge him leaving a wide open chance to destroy a dipping ball upper 90. Number 7, Matt Kruszewski is a man of few words but is truly a gifted player on the ball and showed once again if you leave him an open shot he will most likely bury it. Granted the field sucks at Ken East and the goal he scored on is on the downward side of a small hill making the goalpost lean back so maybe it hits the cross bar instead of skimming just under...nonetheless, awesome strike from a very good player. The first half ended with me just getting enough of my fingers on a blast front and center to deflect the ball over the crossbar preserving the score at 1-0.

Second half we changed up our positioning a bit and created a number of opportunities leading to our first goal. As the ball bounced around their 18, Josh Fritz made diving header to stop the ball from going out and giving us a chance in front of goal that was cleared out for a corner kick. Eric Bond pulled his signature move by overpowering everyone around him and putting his Viking skull to the ball burying it in the side netting. 1-1. A short time later, a foul at the top of the box saw last years MVP, Richie Brinkman, bury a beautiful curling ball upper 90 to make it 2-1 Celtic. Almost immediately, RVS wins a free get to the right of goal and buries their own header upper 90. 2-2. The game ended as a clean but physical battle only to have a dispute erupt over a girlfriend, ex girlfriend between two current college teammates which was entertaining only because nothing physical happened only words and the two separated. Oh girls, always making us boys crazy...

Overall, good battle from both teams. I think we shook our opening week cobwebs off and are now headed on the right path. We also welcomed one of our top winter signings, Tom Espinosa, to our attack which was a lift for us. Very strong games from Scott Cerny, Armond June and the Frenchman Clement Doussteyier.


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