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Observations from around the league Empty Observations from around the league

Post  Raffy Polluckskey on Mon May 14, 2018 4:38 pm

New to the area but interested in playing in this league, I took in some games yesterday. I'll do some more research on this website to see which teams I watched, but maybe this helps you readers place where my skill level is at, before potentially signing me aboard your team.

Around 5:20pm or so, I headed out to a local high school near my new apartment in Cheektowaga, and took in a game for a bit. It was putrid soccer, to be honest, but enjoyable because the teams seemed fairly competitive in relation to one another. It was like watching fooseball, where the entire backline whiffed all simultaneously at the slow moving rock. This level I'd have to assume is low, just considering the lack of speed involved. There were a handful of players that stuck out as being decent, but nothing dazzling enough to elaborate on further. I quickly left the facility after 10 minutes or so.

I shot over to Depew after that and saw some players warming up for a game, so I decided to stick around and watch for a bit. I'm assuming this was a BDSL game, but it looked more like some older guys playing a U18 team. A lot of red everywhere. The U18 team wasn't that impressive though, and neither were the older dudes. Field looked pretty banged up too. I considered calling it a day, but continued my drive around town hoping to get lucky.

Went to the West Seneca Soccer Complex facility next, saw no games there. The field and facility looks nice though.

I quickly headed west into Lackawanna, and there I stumbled upon a game between two very unequal sides. One group wearing white looked in shape and communicated well, while the others seemed a little bit in over their heads. The weaker team liked to kick and run. Spoke to a member in attendance there and they said this was the Second Division, which was more like Second from the bottom. English league like set up I suppose? Either way, the home team as it turns out, looked out of place in the league. Either that or the away side certainly does not belong in that level.

My final stop was at a South Buffalo facility behind a police station, and I quickly realized that this level was easily the best I'd seen all afternoon. Except one team wearing excruciatingly obnoxious yellow had the ball the whole time while the black team defended. The black team was also gigantic. But it was a breath of fresh air to take in a game with communication abundant and solid skill. I think that skill level is a bit much for me, but perhaps the next level down or so would be a perfect fit. Played awhile back, never in college, but good enough soccer sense to be worthy for an open spot.


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Observations from around the league Empty Re: Observations from around the league

Post  enrique14150 on Tue May 15, 2018 5:01 pm

Hey we may be old and banged up but...what was the third thing you said?


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