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BSC Inter: 1 -  Pendleton United FC: 0 Empty BSC Inter: 1 - Pendleton United FC: 0

Post  bmini on Mon May 21, 2018 9:47 am

Sometimes you just need to get the result, and worry less about how it came about. On the drive home last night, a fortunate 1-0 win felt almost identical to a converse result because it came in awkward unconvincing fashion. Perhaps if I didn't sky a gift in front of the net clear over the Nichols field house I'd be discussing a completely different score right now... but, again, sometimes you just need to get the result. I image Pendleton's players spent their drive home frustrated that they couldn't pull at least 1 point, perhaps even 3, away from the game. Overall the play was pretty ugly on both sides.

Great weather, sufficient subs and depth on both sides of the field, yada yada yada... ideal game conditions.

Pendleton was every bit of what everyone on our roster should have expected. Young, fast, and looking to get the ball over the top and in behind our ol...experienced and positioning-minded(?) back line. They played direct, but effectively. Meanwhile, our starting lineup played into Pendleton's strengths from the get go, pushing up too far on the wings into several anchored defenders, leaving huge gaps on the flanks for counters and long ball opportunities, and generally ignoring the large areas of space in the middle that Pendleton was sacrificing with their formation. We spent the first 30 minutes utterly discombobulated as Pendleton attempted to test Arcara from all areas. They had a least two opportunities they likely want back, one of which was brilliantly saved by Arcara, and the second sent over the bar from point blank. It wasn't until the back end of the first half that we made some changes to our attacking focus that the game began to open up for us. Our best look (maybe even only look) of the half came off a low struck cross from Lorne, which was met one time at the top of the 6 by Mike Johnson and well saved by Pendleton's keep wide.

We cleaned up our tactics and took momentum into the second half. Perhaps the wind, or the very slight downhill slope of Nichols Peek (I swear its easier to run at the school then towards the road), played more of a factor today than realized, but the flow of the game switched entirely after half. This time we put Pendleton under pressure for the first 30 minutes, finding space through the middle with a short passing game and finally getting our playmakers opportunities on the flanks. Pendleton dropped in deep and did well at denying us with clear cut looks. However the score ultimately opened up when I was able to find Kenny Anderson on the right wing. Kenny settled well and delivered a high cross to the back post that was met by both myself and a Pendleton defender in front of net. I headed down off the Pendleton defenders head, and the ball looped fortuitously over their keeper's head for the first goal. Given how well their keeper played, it was a tough way to concede.

We continued the pressure after the first goal, getting a couple more clear looks in front of net, and a lot of dangerous crosses. Both myself and Lorne missed 1v1s with Pendleton's keeper on opportunities we really should have converted, but Pendleton's defense was keeping them in the game. Last 15 minutes of the game was back and forth. Pendleton began testing our back line with long balls and 50:50 chances for their forwards to run onto. Ross, Rob, Spring and Lee were excellent at getting to the ball first to clearing the danger, and kept the nearly inevitable 1:1 tie from happening. The game ended on approximately 35 consecutive corner kicks for Pendleton and one vicious tackle by Mike Johnson on his own teammate (me). I pleaded for a card but the ref only looked on in confusion.

All in all, I don't think either team was pleased with their performance. The match got chippy at points, with the usual clucking, and neither team really established consistent possession. I'm taking the game ball here because I'll likely never realistically have a shot at it again, but honestly it should probably be split between the goaltenders or any of the center backs.

Of course good luck to Pendleton from here on out.


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