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Post  KeysaJ on Tue May 22, 2018 9:00 pm

As seen on twitter this game had a bit of after drama, however this is a recap so I am going to do my best to just focus on the game itself. If you wanna read about the issues that transpired just check out our twitter page @NYEliteBDSL, onto the game.
The game was a 2pm kickoff and honestly I think the weather was perfect. Decent amount of sun but not scorching heat where you were knackered within the first 20. North Buffalo had about 18 guys? Maybe less while we had 19. The game started off like most games do, boring and the two teams feeling each other out. Neither team really held the ball for a long period and their was not many chances. Instead a lot of fluffed shots and crosses. However as the game progressed we began to find our feet and start getting closer. Our first real chance was Alba making space as he always does and cannoning a shot off the post. The keeper did not even move when the venomous shot came in. After that we realized we were going to find joy exploiting our vision with through balls and that is exactly how our first goal came. Klimczak dispossessed their midfielder and sent it into Alba. Alba then sent a perfectly weighted nutmeg through ball into Opacic who darted in from right wing. Jovan made no mistake and easily slotted it bottom right corner. After that it was a pattern of us dribbling to the edge of the box and them clearing it. They never had many threats at goal although I will say their number 9 had some good feet, same with their fullback who did a good job keeping up with our wingers. Our second goal came from Eisman passing into Max Penke. Max's first touch sent their defender the other way allowing him to play a through ball to Alba who easily slotted the keeper with an identical finish to our first goal. That goal came right before halftime.
At halftime I made sure to tell my guys to keep exploiting the speed and that as long as we kept it on the ground the game was ours. The second half started with a shot from North Buffalo from half field. It was their only shot on net but credit to their player who took it, was actually decent from that range. After that we began to assert our dominance. We not only kept the pressure up, we made sure they barely left their own half with us setting up multiple chances. Including two 1v1's that should have been finished. Our third goal came from a corner sort of. The ball was whipped in and missed by everyone but Brandon Londos who flicked it back into the 6. Opacic then rifled a shot bar down from an extremely tight angle. The game continued to be us taking the ball off their CM's breaking through and either having the shot saved or missed or the 2 post hits we had(including myself). A lot of credit to their keeper as he really helped keep the game from getting too out of hand for them making some good saves. Our last goal was an absolute peach. Alba dispossessed their midfielder then proceeded to dribble past 4 of them and put it bottom left. It was a brilliant solo effort that highlighted how great he is. After that not much to write home about besides the on field language and a couple of dirty challenges including one where their CB decided leaving the ground with studs up was a good call and another player unnecessarily body checking our left back after he released the ball and knocking the wind out of him. Final score was 4-0 to us with many more that could have been had. We must improve our finishing as we know that in the cup and against some harder opposition in the league we will not have as many chances.
Positive takeaways are me finding out who is really shining for us in our season. This game Jovan Opacic had a great time and showed his quality that he shows with Flash Academy. Max Penke who was recommended to me by a friend has arguably been our best winger and Tyler Eisman finally made his debut and showed he is a great dribbler and a great player to push the attack forward. Our backline also deserves a massive shoutout including our reserve defenders Austin Crosby and Cam Gradwell. All of our defenders have been stellar not only defensively but composed on the ball. They have helped us have 0 goals against, even against good challenging opposition like Bangarang and Lasalle.
Our next game is against West United in our first game in the Wood Cup. We played these guys at sahlens and tied, albeit we were missing half our team and had to call in guys from other squads but I know that West will be a good test as they are a team who plays with great cohesion and moves the ball better than most D3 teams.


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