Turtle, Son See Fox Cruise By On North Buffalo Street on Thursday; Turtle, Coyotes Cruise To Victory On East Aurora Estate on Sunday, Leapfrog Up Table

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Turtle, Son See Fox Cruise By On North Buffalo Street on Thursday; Turtle, Coyotes Cruise To Victory On East Aurora Estate on Sunday, Leapfrog Up Table Empty Turtle, Son See Fox Cruise By On North Buffalo Street on Thursday; Turtle, Coyotes Cruise To Victory On East Aurora Estate on Sunday, Leapfrog Up Table

Post  david martinez on Thu May 24, 2018 10:27 am

After his U12 practice last Thursday, my son and I were on our way home - near Delaware Park.  It was dusk.  I said, "is that a fox?" Holy s$%t. it was.  We saw a freakin' fox.  Nonchalantly crossing a north buffalo street.  it went into a backyard.  We high-fived!

... The GPS took me through a (small) portion of one of Knox's Estates in East Aurora on Sunday.  It wound me past a winery.  Next, past a Dog Show practice - yes, a Dog Show PRACTICE.  And finally, over some puddles, past a log cabin, and into a parking lot near a massive expanse of fields.  At one point, on the way in, I was pretty sure I saw a polo match; it was at that point that I decided to turn off the relaxing 94.5 late afternoon melancholic Chopin/Bach/Beethoven tunes - and instead, roll down the windows and pump Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" at full blast for the final stretch.  That dude flows.

Last year, we traveled to the same spot to play the rookie premier club EAFC and came out pretty flat.  They were a pretty good team - and they beat us.

On Sunday, we came in playing pretty well and capitalized early.  East Aurora is a still a pretty good team.  The difference this year, I think, is that they missed a few good opportunities this time around and didn't last year.  just 5 minutes in, Barracuda Berardi Torpedoed a corner over to Dre.  There may have been a deflection on the way in.  Dre took a professional touch to bring it down and rifled it past the goalie. I screamed "DRE DAY DRE DAY" from the sidelines.  1-0 Coyotes.

About 15 minutes into the half, we subbed about 5 guys in.  A minute later, They took advantage of our defender pinching in and me - not warmed up at all - and played a nice through ball into a winger.    He received it well, and buried it onto an open left side.  nice finish.  Pissed, LP stared me down.  I looked away.  (LP is someone with whom I would always go into a foxhole, but never into ring.  The dude is an animal) 1-1.

The half ended with some back and forth play.  We controlled more possession, I think, but they had better chances.  They missed two or three golden opportunities.  This would come back to haunt EAFC.

We missed an easy one, after a cross, early in the second.  

Then, it happened...About 20 minutes into the half, after some decent mid-field pressure, the ball squirted towards me. (about 30 yeards out). I took a touch.  it wasn't perfect, but I calmly waited as it self-megged me.  Then I took a nice central touch and made a veteran pass to a checked Mo.  Mo, a monster, shielded well (facing our goal), made a quick turn towards the net, took, maybe one more touch, and absolutely buried a screamer in.  I am not sure that the goalie even saw it.  2-1 good guys.

...Soon after their first half goal, I was running near the opponent's sideline, I heard someone refer to me (in a relatively quiet voice) as a "Turtle."  That got into my head immediately.  I was thinking, "Holy S$%t!'  that is a GREAT call.   With the Rec Specks, the balding, cone shaped head, the slight hunching at times, and the (relative to years past) slow speed - I look like a Freakin' Turtle on the field!!!  Great Call!....

...After our go-ahead goal - I turned towards our sideline, slapped my hands over my head into the A-shape (for assist) and screamed out "That's my (F#%$in') assist!!  Then I ran around and lifted the Rec Specks up and down and screamed "Turtle.  I'm the Fu#$$n' Turtle!!"  I was exhausted from the celebration.  I almost forgot to congratulate the goal scorer.  I ran to Mo and gave him a high five.  He is good.

Later, EA had a great strike that was on its way into the upper right corner, when LP1 jumped, flying up and over to his left, left arm outstretched and saved a sure goal.  Unbelievable.  The guy is gonna become a grandfather in June.  Just unbelievable.  But wait.  There's more.  in the dying minutes of the game, East Aurora had a shot about 5 yards out - left side corner of the 6-yard box.  The forward struck the ball well.  and hard.  LP1 freakin' caught it!  He caught the ball.  What a save.

The game ended 2-1.  

JJ is in his prime.  He played very well. At one point, about 2/3 of the way through the 2nd half, Berardi had the ball near our sideline. I'm not sure if it was due to his simmering anger over the recent FC Buffalo loss or if it was due to our proximity to the Fisher Price headquarters, but he absolutely toyed with the opponent.  he must've taken 37 touches on the ball, dipsy-doed and ropeadoped the heck out of that kid - I even heard him say something during the toying (Sometimes, when someone megs me or runs past me, I kind of feel like that kid must have).  Then he made a pass...  He is good.  Kenny was very very good.  

Although I thought we outpossessed a bit, if EA finished, they could've won the game.  They play pretty tough, but fair.

Big win.

We went from 9th place into like 5th with the 3 points.

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