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Post  Fritz on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:28 am

First, I must say this.... Ukraine came motivated to play and what I say next is not meant to take anything away from their first win.    

We came out controlling the ball but not playing as aggressive as we have been playing, Ukraine came with much more energy to start.  

Here is where things go sideways... at least once a year we get this referee crew and they once again called an extremely incoherent and absolutely biased game.    I don't know what we can do but something needs to happen about this crew as I have never had the thought before of pulling my team off a field due to just an abusive, biased and unqualified individuals ref crew and do not want them to work another game let of ours.    They missed calls right in front of them and when asked would get hostile towards the player which only inflamed the situation even more.    Ukraine's first goal came off of a corner kick scramble that should of been a goal kick, their team was already retreating for the goalkick.   Very nice finish back across the goal by their player but it should never of happened.    The next goal came off a missed offside that the linesman was no where in position to call.   The ball bounces in one of the pot holes on the field and hits the arm of the Celtic player as it is on his side and not extended.   PK is called ... WOW!   Now, just before the game I blew out my spikes and shame on me for not getting a new pair sooner but I ended up wearing my turfs, spun my wheels with no traction and just miss their PK...yes, I absolutely believe I get it if I have my spikes.   Good finish so I am not taking anything away from Ukraine.      Half is called.

The second half we make it a point to not let the referee get into our heads anymore and even though they tried (sounds crazy right but they did try) we started to take it to our real opponents.   Austin Long made a number of amazing saves to preserve this game for the Ukrainians.    He was their man of the match by far.     Richie Brinkman did get one back for us with another beautiful finish to make it 2-1.   With about 5 remaining and the entire team up the field including me a long punt by Austin took a great bounce to one on their streaking players who found his teammate back side with a great pass and then finish to make it 3-1 for the blue and yellow.    Hats off to Ukraine for their win but it is a game we really would like to have back and with a different ref crew.    I do have to say, we have been very lucky so far this year that we have not run into these guys before and our games have been well managed by the crews we have had before this.

Next up is our tehel cup game on Wednesday at Ken East...yes, we know, the field sucks.   Hopefully we get moved to the varsity field soon.


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