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Post  aeaton on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:55 am

We headed up to Niagara University for a 4pm tilt that showed LC with no subs (started the match with 9? then quickly saw 11) we had 5 subs or so. Decent weather no rain, a bit cloudy and enjoyable cool temperatures with a breeze that seemed to change direction every 30 seconds or so. Unfortunate that NU does not keep the grass pitch in good shape, grass seemed like we were in a pasture, but both sides dealt with it.

Started out sloppy play by both sides, LC knew they had 2 more guys coming so they slowed down as much as possible. FCQ could not get down the pitch enough to take advantage of the undermanned LC. Might have been 10' in when LC had all 11. For the most part this match was back and fourth, one side would go end to end lose possession and the opposition would follow suit. Pretty ugly match throughout to completely honest here. Neither side could break down the other. Midway into the first a penalty was against yours truly (I guess my love tap was more of a push inside the box, regardless 16 hit the ground and the flag came up, the HR pointed to the spot). I guessed correctly and keep the match scoreless. Rest of the first half played out the same, back and fourth a few chances created by both sides but nothing to write home about. Half time came 0:0 possession in the first as close to 50/50 as you can get. We were frustrated with ourselves at half but talked through it and got ready to come back out.

Second half started and was played just like the first it was correct to think at that time that one mistake was going to cost either side the match. Around the hour mark, a build up from the FCQ backline to the mid field saw LC take command as they striped FCQ of the ball headed down full steam before finding 16 who made no mistake getting past the defense then made me look like a fool as he found the empty net to take a 1:0 lead. Once LC scored it completely deflated FCQ and all signs of life were sucked out of us. A good 10' went by before we finally decided to start playing again, LC were hanging back in a shell to hold their lead. The back and fourth continued for a while and then a great play started which ended with Schwaab finding Walker and then Walker absolutely crushing a laser to the back of the net. 1:1 80'. At this point I would think both sides were expecting a draw and would be fair to say this match deserved an equal finish here. However, 84' in Iwankow hit probably the worst corner kick I have ever seen which took a bounce around the edge of the box (ball never went higher than someones knees) took another bounce and another bounce somehow managing to never be cleared by the defender on the near post or the keeper right besides him. The ball hit the far post and bounced in for the game winning goal. Ugliest goal I have ever seen but we will take the lucky bounces there. LC pushed all men forward and had 2 maybe 3 solid chances to equalize in the dying moments. Whistle blew and FCQ walked out of NU with 3 points. Possession in the second half again around 50/50 possibly a little slight favor to FCQ as LC went into a shell after a 1:0 lead but I will say 50/50 seems fair.

LC is fast, talented, and 16 is a wizard with the ball. No doubt in my mind that LC will be challenge in the playoffs, they have the caliber to win the whole thing. 99 never quit even after displaying his dinner, drinks, breakfast and lunch all over the pitch in the second half. 6 was a speedster made a lot of solid chances for his side. Great club over there with some great dudes, I'm sure they are gutted not to come away with 3 let alone 1 in that match but I will warn D1 do not underestimate this group they are top notch and cannot count them out at any point. Good luck the rest of the way.

FCQ now turns our focus on Thursday nights Tehel Cup match vs Honey Badgers.


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