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NY Elite 1-0 Big Green  Empty NY Elite 1-0 Big Green

Post  KeysaJ on Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:32 pm

Before I write this recap I have to be honest and say this game was pretty abysmal for the neutral. Very little to talk about and honestly a performance I would rather forget. Kickoff was at 6 pm at Ives Pond. The weather IMO was perfect, slight breeze and not scorching with heat. It rained but it was a drizzle that helped keep people cool and had no real effect on the field and game. Before we started the ref gave both teams issues about the fact we can only play 18 despite having 22 man rosters and that this rule was how it always was which was just ridiculous to both teams. That is the last mention of the ref, wanna know more go look on our twitter account.
We had 17 for this game and Big Green had a similar number. We were missing majority of our back line but had enough guys to not make any excuses for our performance. The game got underway and like usual we started extremely slow. Big Green on the other hand were the better team for the first 10-15 minutes. Their CM number 11 was a good player and really pulled the strings at the start. They had their best chance in this period when they swung in a great corner and the player headed it off the post. That was very unlucky for them and they caught us sleeping. After that wake up call we finally started to have some of the ball. Our midfielders proceeded to apply great pressure not allowing them much time to create chances. Our first chance was a peach with Klimczak sending through to Alba who chipped their keeper but hit it too well as it cannoned off of the bar. Not much else to talk about until our next goal as neither team really did much. Mainly a midfield battle with the occasional scuffed shot or missed cross. Our first and only goal came 5 minutes before HT. Both I and Tyler Compo pressured their RB who was going on a dribbling run. We took the ball off of him and I sent a cross field pass to Opacic who took it down calmly and sent in Tyler Eisman. Although a great pass Tyler had a lot to do and kept his composure by dribbling past their keeper and slotting it into an empty net.
The main talking point of HT was to not dribble too much and focus on incisive passes behind their back line to abuse speed. As the second half went underway we found our feet. We held the ball in their half for most of the game. However credit to Big Green on their offside trap. They played it perfectly and I was very impressed with their organization. Despite all of this possession Big Green had another golden chance in which their LW got in the box and crossed perfectly to the 6 but their striker was just not quick enough to tap it home. After this our backline made sure nothing like that happened again with some great work, specifically Patrick Morin who had one of the best tackles in the box I have seen in awhile. Game got out of hand at the end with both teams exchanging words and tackles. I do want to apologize about the push from one of our players on the Big Green defender. That was uncalled for. After some more back and forth possession the game ended 1-0 to us. This game was very boring and not a highlight of quality soccer. MOTM to Tyler Eisman who at points carried the offense with some very impressive footwork and chance creation. Good luck to Big Green, they are a new look team and I would recommend all D3 teams to forget their record last season as these guys can play a bit. Our next game is against Iron lungz, hopefully this performance was a one off and we can get back into our groove.


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