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BSC Inter: 5 - Beast: 2 Empty BSC Inter: 5 - Beast: 2

Post  bmini on Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:48 am

Been busy this week so getting to this recap took me a second. While I have some thoughts on the match and will certainly take the 3 points, the above result is likely to be very misleading. Full strength on both sides and this is a very different game. However, I suppose we get the credit for having a lot of depth to back-up some of the starters that were missing.

We showed up feeling thin with scoring options and subs in general. Devonte and Rob were gone on FC Buffalo duty, and Kenny Anderson, who was a threat in the Pendleton game, couldn't get out of work. Add the suspension to Otto and absence of Victor and Springer to support our defense and it seemed like we may just be playing for one point. However, as is often the case once June hits, absences also struck Beast, and a lot harder than us. They played with 10 from the start and did not get to 11 until the game was well out of reach in the second half. Playing with 10 is difficult....playing with 10 at Nichols in the late afternoon heat is near impossible.

As for the game, we opened the scoring very early. While we had attackers missing, Lorne took over the game at the start, getting in behind Beast's defense on the left wing. After a couple dangerous attacks, he finally broke through on a ball from Petryk and beat Beast's keeper top side on the near post. We kept the pressure on and Beast collapsed into a shell, content to take the space away and see what Noah Keem could do on the counter. Given the circumstances, I couldn't disagree with their approach, despite having only two attacking options, Keem was enough of a nuisance to keep us in check. Finally, later into the second half we managed to break in again on the left side, this time Drew Coliaisomosoisoiomo (I'm not going to bother to check) got in behind the defense and slotted the ball away low near post. Half-time score, 2-0.

Second half the game broke open as Beast came out of their shell and brought more options forward. This led to us having several good looks on the counter. Lorne tacked on a second goal on breakaway, and Ayoub added our 5th later in similar fashion from a well played ball from Davidson up the right wing. In between, we had a gem of a combination between Jenaro and Liam, who combined on a one-two before Liam lifted the ball over Beast's back line to find Jenaro on the other side. Jenaro calmly dribbled the keeper and put the ball away. At 5-0 it was finally time to ruin Arcara's shutout. With Ross off the field due to a first half injury, we put new blood into our center back spots. While Max and Cody deserve credit for having strong games given the circumstances, our midfielders took an early vacation and left them alone with Keem, which allowed for a feast at the end of the game. He pulled back 2 late to salvage the goal differential.

Good game and best of luck to Beast. We were clearly fortunate with the number advantage and I'm sure we will see a much different squad come playoff time.


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