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BSC Inter: 6 - Mes Que: 1 Empty BSC Inter: 6 - Mes Que: 1

Post  bmini on Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:22 am

Perfect weather last night for a game out at Pierce. The field is in great shape given how badly damaged it became years ago. However, the amount of lines painted on the damn thing makes it look like a metro rail map. I only mention this as the confusion regarding the location of the 18 was probably responsible for the first two penalty shots called in the game. We grabbed a PK early after Mike Johnson slipped a defender....near....the box and then was brought down on a last ditch stab. Ref called the foul in the box, but to be honest, it was extremely hard to tell with three horizontal lines in the area and Mike on the ground outside the area. Mes Que disputed the call, but despite losing the argument their keeper bailed them out with a save on Jenaro's try. Minutes later on the opposite end, Mes Que's forward found himself free in a similar position as Mike and was brought down while wedging himself between Lee and Max (or perhaps it was Au?). No doubt he was in the box, but I'm not so certain our defenders knew how close to goal they were. Arcara managed to get a hand on the ensuing PK, but the ball snuck into the corner off the deflection. 1-0 to Mes Que.

After the goal, we opened up our scoring and didn't look back. Ayoub was continuously getting in behind Mes Que's defense, however he could not manage to beat their keeper (contrary to the score, he played a great game). Mes Que began to pinch into the middle, which opened up Devonte on the wings, and he was effectively unstoppable for the remainder of the half. He tied the game up on an individual effort, marauding up the left wing, getting in one on one with the keeper, and then finishing his own rebound. Shortly after, Rob picked Devonte out on the wing and in similar fashion Devonte beat his man and finished his first effort. Minutes later Devonte got endline on the left side and his cross was finished by a Mes Que defender for an own goal. Half-time - Devonte: 3 - Mes Que: 1.

Second half was more of the same. Lots of chances for Ayoub.... lots of missed opportunities by Ayoub. We pushed Rob up into the attacking midfielder role (or he did without telling us, I'm not exactly sure how this transpired) and he found Devonte sprinting straight up the middle of the field from the half line. Devonte slotted the ball far post and completed his hat trick. We quickly got him off the field. Rob continued to find our forward and wingers behind the Mes Que defense, as he and Jenaro controlled the middle of the park. He finally got himself on the score sheet off a free kick from about 25 yards out. He put a bullet on frame that exploded through the keeper and ended up in the roof of the net. Arcade style stuff. Towards the end of the game, Rob added our 6th after Ayoub sent him in behind the defense.

Good game to Mes Que. Despite the lopsided score there were definitely points in the game where it was evident why your team is holding a top spot in 1st division. Dangerous attackers and strength at center mid. From my perspective, it seemed as though your team has a lot of new players who are still learning names, let alone style, which really hurt your ability to combine. Assuming you squad builds chemistry, you should definitely be in the promotion mix.


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