Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Create Cleansheet (Cinco - Cero), Continue Control, Chupa Cerveza ; [Geegba Garners Gamewinner]

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Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Create Cleansheet (Cinco - Cero), Continue Control, Chupa Cerveza ; [Geegba Garners Gamewinner]

Post  david martinez on Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:06 am

....JJ Hughes flashed through the 18 yd box, thighed a bullet at the recently hobbled Southtown netminder, who smacked it back at the Coyote's energizer bunny -- JJ made no mistake and ribbed it in! ...

That was the goal of the game.  May've been the first ever Coyote Ribber...

Southtowns traveled north to the hardening confines of Clarence Town Hall Park.  {If you put Clarence Town Hall (without the Park) into your GPS, you won't make it there.  You'll end up about 7 minutes away}.  Tied with 4 coveted premier points each, both teams knew the game was big.  I ran around letting everyone know that it was, basically, a playoff game.  Problem is, we only had 12 players, which translated into me starting - not a good sign, as I usually need 15 or 20 minutes for the opponents to get a little winded in order to more effectively strut my stuff.

Anyway, the game started out uneventfully - we were pretty quiet, whereas, Southtowns came out fairly vocal and seemed to be going all out.  I think they had one or two early opportunities, but I don't think the shots ended up on net.  Our central defenders did a very good job keeping most chances in the low percentage zone.

Right around the opening whistle, Sammy showed up - he was a bit under the weather and decided, last minute, to come.  up to 13. Then, about 10 minutes in - Clint ponytails in.  14.  I think Mo jogged over to the sidelines around that time as well. 15.  Finally, there was a Junior sighting roughly 5 minutes later.  Up to 16 Coyotes.  Although my minutes would be decreased significantly, I was happy to see the reinforcements.  Not only are they nice guys, those four are very good players - It was no fluke that three of the aforementioned four accounted for four of our five eventual goals.  

Junior got in and made an immediate impact.  Quick. Strong. Skilled.  Mr. Geegba muscled our first goal - eventually proving to be the gamewinner.  Not sure the assistor - I think it may've been a long, wind-held ball from defender Kurt.  

1-0 at half.

I thought we were the better team yesterday - from top to bottom [once we had our guys] - and I think the 2nd half proved this.

We scored our second goal - I think a dart from Sammy, and things began to open up.  We controlled most of the possession - and had most of the opportunities.  Mo scored a good one. JJ ribbed that previously mentioned finish.  At some point in the first half, the opposing goalie got hurt - I thought maybe a hammy (which I hate to see), but, he seemed to slow down after that - whereas, he had been very good prior.  Sammy scored his second off of a lovely pass to close out the GD5.  

5-0 final.

Gary played very well.  Controlled the ball well and had two professional assists.  Backline and Lenny got the job done with class.  Disco Berardi, on two or three occasions did this gyrating dance (without actually touching the ball) which was both entertaining and effective. The kid's a magician.  He had two megs.  

Roughly 15 minutes into the second half, I got in - played decently - and worked very hard.  With our lead, and whatnot, coach decided to keep me in for the duration. So, with about 30 seconds left, I feigned exhaustion, and took a knee - to take a sub. I jogged off, obviously expecting one of those clappings/rounds of applause when a player is subbed out, after a strong performance, near the end of a game... I got nothing.  Nary a high five.  The only thing I heard was one of the other dudes (on their sideline) say, 'You played a good game, old man.'  I think he was sincere.  

They seem like good dudes and they played a good and very clean game.

We control our own playoff destiny.

Title topic (Spanish) translations:

Cinco - Cero  :   Five - zero    {the final score}

Chupa Cerveza  :  Drink beer  {following the game}

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Re: Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Create Cleansheet (Cinco - Cero), Continue Control, Chupa Cerveza ; [Geegba Garners Gamewinner]

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:23 pm

Not surprised Clint was late...dude's too busy doing Buffalo News photo shoots and purchasing local golf courses.

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