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Devils 2 - Revolution SC 0 Empty Devils 2 - Revolution SC 0

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:17 pm

Well, it was just about a perfect day for a game. The wind gave a slight advantage to both teams, during the half that it was at their back. Both teams showed up with good numbers as well. And, the ref crew did a pretty good job (best of the year so far).

It seems crazy that we didn't play the Devils at all last year in the 3rd Division. We both pretty much knew what to expect of each other, and it played out that way.

The Devils controlled the beginning 10+ minutes of the game, with their first goal coming around the 10 minute mark. It got a little scrambly in our own 18, and the ball found its way to one of their strikers who made good on the opportunity. 1-0 Devils. I would say that we controlled much of the remainder of the first half, having at least 5-6 quality chances (Andy Page's diving head ball was a thing of beauty, and almost perfect as it sailed just over the crossbar). However, as has been the case the past few games, we just couldn't capitalize on our chances.

The second half was tilted slightly in our favor, but not nearly as much as the first (pretty close to 50-50 possession). Again, we had some Grade A chances that just didn't go in. A few of those chances didn't find the back of the net due to the stellar play of their keeper, Rich Wieand. He was able to get his paws on a few good chances, and came up huge on a breakaway from David LaMastra Jr. Again, we just couldn't finish the chances that we created for ourselves. The Devils would add a goal late in the game, with maybe 2 minutes left. We had everyone up, pressing for the equalizer, and the Devils were able to catch us with a quick, long ball to a speedy striker. Frank came out to challenge him, but their striker was able to just barely sneak it by, as it rolled, every so slowly into the net. 2-0.

This was the cleanest game I have ever played in (not just this year). I would like to give a big shout out to the classy strikers from the Devils who let up when the offside whistle went, or when Frank came out to play the ball early. There were a few collisions with their striker and our keeper, but it was always straight up, with no ill intent at all. You don't normally see that these days. Very refreshing.

This might be a little biased (the Devils can correct me if they think I am wrong) but I am pretty certain we are pretty close to being even with them. If we played 10 more times, the records would be 5-5 or 6-4. But, playing the old shoulda/woulda/coulda game doesn't really get you anywhere in the standings. We need to shake this off and get back in the win column next week. Good luck to the Devils the rest of the way, and bring on the Father's Day cookout!

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