Crimson Spal 4 - Ukraine 0

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Crimson Spal 4 - Ukraine 0 Empty Crimson Spal 4 - Ukraine 0

Post  MitchAC on Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:23 pm

Beautiful day with a little wind that held up some balls. Ukraine looked to have 5-6 subs. We had 4 subs that turned into 3 with another injury. It was nice to get back on the field after last weeks loss against GI in addition to the unfortunate events to Billica.

First half started out with possession leaning our way. We had quite a few chances going up the wings and crossing the ball in. Our first goal came on a nice through ball from Lagno to Stryker who took the ball up the left side, waited for a defender to slide, faked a pass to Jamie and put it in the side netting. 1-0. Our second goal came minutes later where Stogner "shot" a ball that turned into a pass. Jamie followed up the shot thinking about a rebound and found himself with it outside the 6 yard box. 2-0. Third goal was a fake shot by Sivitelli inside the 18 who unselfishly passed the ball over to Jamie, 3-0. At the end of the half Ukraine was pressing for a chance where their forward lost the ball. Doug Hannon shot out of a cannon. The Ukraine defenders opened like the red sea and Doug saw daylight going from out 18' box all the way down the field, running by 8 or 9 defenders and scoring. 4-0.

Second half we had our chances. Stryker his a crossbar, collected the rebound and headed to the keeper. Jamie had two break-a-ways that he pushed to either side. We tried being way too cute in the second half and were not as crisp as the first. Ukraine had a beautiful chance in the last minute of the game. Bratos made his only save of the game on a break-a-way to stop it.

Ukraine is a good group of guys. A few of their guys got a YC for a foul or yelling. Their own players weren't fans of those who committed such actions and would apologize. It is always nice talking to Yuri after the game. Great guy. Refs were great yesterday as well. They never get enough credit. We move on to Tehel Cup action Tuesday against Great Lakes Africa for the honor of warming up the Sharpshooters for the next round.


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