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Crimson SPAL 2 - GLA 0 Empty Crimson SPAL 2 - GLA 0

Post  MitchAC on Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:36 pm

By the time I got to the field there were already about 15 GLA players/fans. We ended up having 14 at kickoff with Franciosa showing up a little late as he made the trip up from Erie, PA. GLA had I think 18-20 guys in jerseys, a coach, and tons of fans. The refs did a great job last night keeping control of the game for the most part and having the fans go to the opposite side of the field, much to their dismay. GLA had the extra numbers but for whatever reason didn't use them. I think one guy even took his jersey off during the game because he wasn't going in. Weird.

Game started with GLA kicking off. Stryker immediately pressured the back pass. The defender sent it to their keeper who sent it to another defender who was engulfed by Jamie. Jamie sent the ball over to Stryker who went to the left side of the field, drew 4 players to him and crossed the ball back to Jamie who had one guy on him and finished it. 1-0, 1' in. Our second goal came off a beautiful counter. Lagno sent the ball out to Franciosa who took it up the right side beating a few defenders and crossed it over to Jamie who powered it into the side. 2-0.

We had a few more chances in the first half. Jamie had two more break-a-ways, one that he mistouched and the keeper was able to clear before being hit. Jamie hit a post. Matt Greco sent a nice corner in but it was skied over the net. Stryker hit the cross bar.

GLA is quick. Number 11 on their team was running by guys but was engulfed by our defense. The cards started early. The ref warned GLA before the game that he was going to keep it close because of their track record. About 10' in a sloppy slide tackle on Passatino got GLA their first card. Another got one for language. One got one for repeatedly running into our keeper after he had the ball. The final straw was when Bratos clearly had the ball, saw the guy running at him so Bratos lowered his shoulder and sent the guy down. The CR didn't even wait for the kid to get him before carding him. I think there was another for language.

Real physical game. GLA is quick and looked for a lot of long balls. We have a rematch with them on July 8 so that'll be interesting. On to the next round against the Sharpshooters. If we're lucky enough to win then we most likely get BSC Raiders...


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