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Revolution SC 4 - Kingsmen SC 2 Empty Revolution SC 4 - Kingsmen SC 2

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:47 am

It is pretty special to play on Father's Day with so many father/son combos on our team (now up to six). The weather was great (although it would have been nice for some shade). We had plenty of subs while Kingsmen only had one (which didn't help in the heat we were playing in).

The first half of the game was pretty even, with both sides having some great chances. I would say that we held a slight edge in chances/possession, but it was very close. Their keeper came up with some phenomenal saves throughout the game, which kept the score much closer than it could have been. The first half ended 0-0, which had us a little frustrated. We have been having a tough time scoring as of late, and that didn't help our confidence.

The second half was a completely different game. We started off the half by putting a ton of pressure on them. We broke the ice a few minutes in, as Seb Barriere sent a nice through ball/shot across the 18, that I think went off their keeper (couldn't tell from the back end). That was finished off by Ryan Pulaski. 1-0. A few minutes after that, Nate O'Donnell made some nice moves inside the 18, along with some really hard work, and found Andy Page just outside of the 6 for a nice finish, 2-0.

We kept the pressure up for another 5-7 minutes after that. Then, Kingsmen broke through. Their first goal came off of a questionable no-call on Ryan Pulaski, who seemed to be taken down from behind just outside of our 18. We stopped a bit, frustrated that their was no whistle. Good on Kingsmen for playing it out. They got the ball inside the 18 and were able to finish it off, 2-1. A few minutes later, they had a cross come into our 18 (possibly a corner kick, but I was overheating at that time, so I am not too sure). I went up for a header, and was chopped off by one of their players staying low. Most of our players thought there should have been a call, but there wasn't. Again, good on Kingsmen for playing to the whistle (which is what we should have done). Their striker found the ball near the corner of the 18 and placed a nice ball in the far upper corner. Just like that it was 2-2.

Instead of just packing it in, getting frustrated and totally losing control of the game, we settled down a bit, and started playing like we did during the first 10 minutes of the second half. Seb received the ball just past the half, and made some very impressive moves, and worked his butt off to get into the 18. He sent a ball across the 18 where Andy Page was waiting again, finishing it off, 3-2. I am not too sure how our last goal came about, but I know that Ryan Pulaski finished it off, 4-2. We had another 5-6 fantastic chances to finish out the game, but again, their keeper came up big.

I loved how our team responded from giving up a 2-0 lead, and our game, as a whole, was much more improved from the last few. Good luck to Kingsmen the rest of the way.

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