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Interesting start to this one as few of us fortunately showed up nice and early around 3pm to find Mulroy trashed. Some clowns cut one of the nets off, left their trash all over the field and tried breaking into the equipment shed. Morons.

We got some surprise attendees in Mammoliti & Kozak who we did not expect to play that pushed our numbers up to 17, unfortunately with the way this match played out it is the first time this Summer attendance hurt our play, for the opposite reason of most teams it seems! Rampart showed with 11 and got to 13 a few minutes into the match. A slippery pitch at kickoff and throughout helped both teams put up the strong defensive performances and feed into the lack of offensive finishing on this day.

First off Rampart showed some great defensive poise and positioning most of the match. I feel strongly they are very evenly matched with us and for whatever reason matchup great with our lineup. Kerr missing was a huge blow for this particular matchup as we lacked the physicality and tenacity he always brings to the pitch yesterday, and Rampart had plenty of it themselves. Match started off with some definite feeling out, some sloppy 1st touches and passes adjusting to the wet surface and hard-pressing defensive lines. First 10-15' we had little better of the possession but couldn't find a way to break though their very strong CB's. The best (at least clean) chance of the 1st half actually came about 1' into Kozak's return to the pitch for us when he intercepted a pass across the Rampart backline and was in 1v1 on their GK. A moment I think he would like back (and not to be his first touch in over 5 weeks) saw him try a quick poke by the charging GK instead of taking a touch wide and finishing into the open net. All the same though great play by the GK to force the issue and gobble up the rebound. Rampart had a few dangerous moments with #17 being their most dangerous player making good runs through the MF and distributing but did not really see any quality looks. Closest anyone came to actually having a ball in the net all match was off a scramble and attempted clear by Walker as he was taking a solid foul from a Rampart player. His clearing attempt floated towards the far corner of our net and hit top of the crossbar, would of been an incredibly unfortunate way to concede but we got a little lucky there. I would say this match was as close as 50-50 gets possession wise, and 1st half ended feeling like a stalemate awaiting someone to blink.

Second half started off very similar to the majority of the 1st with both teams finding turns with possession but consistently having it end with excellent defending by the opposition in their half. The game was already a clean, but physical match and it ratcheted up as the 2nd half progressed with both teams playing more urgent as the clock ticked into the 70th and 80th minutes. As things opened up a bit late, Rampart had the best chance of the 2nd half to my eyes as a quick break found #10 with an open look from top of the 18. He took a great 1st time shot that was on a rope toward the back post but fortunately for us it kept rising and went over the cross bar by about 6". There were plenty of half chances in the final 10-15' but no one had the answer to the others defensive form and GK'ing. Set pieces could of ruled the day but ultimately both sides squandered them, us being the biggest culprit with 5-6 corners and 3-4 well positioned FK's creating little.

As a pure bred defender this game was both fun to play nearly a full 90 in and also frustrating to watch our play in the final 3rd. Rampart was impressively organized and stout along their backline and MF and deserve all the credit for holding us to a clean sheet with only 2 subs, as I feel pretty good about saying for ourselves. As I mentioned earlier, I think actually being down around 2 or 3 subs would of helped us out in this particular game.

Good luck to Rampart the rest of their season, with that sort of defensive effort and couple more weapons on the frontside, they can beat anyone on any given day if they find their way into the playoffs. Next up for us is a must-win against familiar foe RVS United, who got a big 4-1 W this Sunday, so we know they'll be riding high and ready to go.


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