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Some details are a little foggy after going 75-80' on the confirmed 116-118 degree turf of Westwood Park but here we go...

We came to this game in somewhat rough shape missing 5 starters in Kerr, Iwankow, Fisher, Lafko & Hubert with a couple other key players out like Kozak and Loweecey. All in all though we had 14 guys, which if RVS has shown up with more could of been tough, but they only had 10 men. We gave them our 2nd pop up tent pregame in an act of good will and of course had the mid-half water breaks.

Kickoff came with majority FCQ possession but a somewhat lethargic pace to the match. It was obvious from get-go RVS wanted to play this game at a snails pace if we would let them, which was smart. We kind of obliged them in the first 20' or so only generating 2 or 3 chances and allowing them to eat clock with some knock around their backline. After missing a breakaway chance to go up 1-0 around the 25' mark the RVS RB picked up the long rebound and made a fantastic individual run through our MF and tried to split 2 defenders as he got into the 30' area. A pretty weak foul was called for a 50-50 shoulder-to-shoulder that sent the RVS player down and they had a dangerous FK right on top of our 18. They made no mistake hammering around the wall into the top corner with great pace, no chance for Eaton. 1-0 RVS 25'. Fun fact we have surrendered 8 GA in 10 matches this Summer, and 5 have been off FK's...

The next 5' or so our frustration got the better of us and things were a little helter skelter, allowing some dangerous looking RVS counter-attacking that did not amount to anything in the ends. We significantly picked up the pace after the GA though and it became apparent RVS was wearing down as the half wore on. Possession really swung in our favor and before long we had a 1-1 game off a great sequence of passing found Walker flicking on Mastrangelo into the 18. He calmly settled on his right and struck a powerfully placed ball into the far side netting from 15 yards. 1-1 35'. We quickly seized control of the match after some more possession and quick passing out of the middle, we sprung the speedy Miskell down the right wing who drove in on the endline and spotted Gabe crashing into the 18. A nice layoff ball for Gabe and he made no mistake hammering home near post from just inside the 18 again. 2-1 FCQ 40'. Remainder of half saw their GK make a huge stop from point blank on Mammoliti to keep game in hand before the whistle.

We felt in full control at HT and knew the 3rd goal would be a dagger against the undermanned-RVS. Alas, our finishing woes crept back up and some lack or urgency would keep this game interesting... Second half started similar to how 1st ended with pretty dominant FCQ possession, but we struggled in the final 3rd early, not producing a lot of grade-A looks ultimately. RVS continued to sit deep with 6-7 men and hang 2-3 men very high, often times way offsides behind our backline to try and find a quick long ball counter attack, but not much luck as their legs really began to fail them. Still, RVS scrapped in their end and kept us off the scoresheet into the middle of the 2nd half. GK made 2-3 great saves as well. Somewhere around 60' mark a pretty harmless FK was awarded 40-50 yards out from goal. A long floater into our box with the brutal sun blinding everyone at its back saw Eaton over-react to his right a bit, and a woefully mishit attempt of a clearance header by an FCQ defender went against the grain to the far post and bounced right into the top netting. 2-2 60'.

That would be the end to "chances" for RVS realistically, but they maintained a decent defensive poster for the next 10-15' attempting to squeeze our the hard-earned draw. Fortunately after a few misses that we would like back. One of our many cross attempts finally struck gold in the form of a crashing Mammoliti who hammered the header home from Ingraham and past the sprawling GK 3-2 FCQ ~75'. We pushed to bury the match and improve our GD but just didn't have the focus to finish today. 2-3 chances from inside 12 yards were squandered, but ultimately RVS really looked to have nothing left in the tank and we only needed to snuff out a couple desperate long ball counters to secure the far-too-narrow 1 goal victory.

Great game and gutsy effort to RVS. There would be some pretty pointed conversations between me and those who missed that match if I were their manager, as leaving your boys out to dry with not even 11 men on one of the hottest days in Buffalo history is simply unacceptable and dangerous quite frankly... next time give me a call about rescheduling!!

We move on to a critical match with what we have only heard and never seen to be a very young and talented Grand Island side. A win and we clinch a spot in the D1 dance, a slip up and we will still have some work to do. Luckily, we should be in much better shape in terms of having most of our top guys next week, including the return of Kerr afte ra 5-week hiatus!! Cant wait for another great match with a new opponent!


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