Dutch United 2 - Buffalo Celtic 0

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Dutch United 2 - Buffalo Celtic 0 Empty Dutch United 2 - Buffalo Celtic 0

Post  Fritz on Mon May 06, 2019 9:02 am

Our game was at Westwood Park and the conditions were almost perfect... nice temperature, no rain and blinding sun (for us in the first half, them in the second). First time at Westwood and have to say it is a very nice park but the field design is a bit lacking. The field itself is nice but the turf ends right at the end line and the mud begins, also the use of mixing red and white lines was different.
First half saw Dutch United on top of us non stop for the first 15-20 minutes but our back line held led by Co-Men of the Match Rolfe Freidendberg and Eric Bond. For the rest of the first half it went back and forth a bit seeing a few chances both ways. I wanted to give a recognition to number 15, Jordan Adamec, a real class act and sportsman...kudos to you! One of our players appeared to be hurt so I rolled the ball out of bounds. He turned out to be more upset at not getting a call and got up as the ball rolled out. Dutch United took a quick throw while Buffalo Celtic was still looking at the ref and found Mr. Adamec wide open near the penalty spot. He took a quick touch and tapped the ball at me for a easy save saying I know you threw it out as you thought your player was injured so it was only right. Bravo!

The second half, now having the sun advantage saw Buffalo Celtic come to life and knock the ball around the pitch nicely just not consistent enough to put one in the net. We had several chances but missed converting. Richie Brinkman, our team MVP the last couple years had a few chances including an atomic knee ball that went sailing over the bar. The ball did not dip at expected and caught him a bit off guard so he did not use his head for the finish. Buffalo Celtic had a number of free kicks that are normally within our range of hitting net but choose to play it into the box instead of using the sun to our advantage and were not able to get the needed final touch to put us in front (Shane Greene launched over everyone showing some impressive veritcial to get his head onto the ball but was unable to direct it towards the net). With about 15 to play, the always deadly Matt Kruszewski, danced around 2-3 Celtic defenders on the left sidelined and crossed a bullet across to the back side that was nicely one touched into the back of the net even. Shortly after, as Celtic were licking their wounds and a bit lethargic, Dutch won a free kick to the right of net just above the 18. We were slow to set up a wall and mark up allowing Dutch to send the ball back side that was quickly sent back over to a wide open man at the right post post for a clinical header finish.

Was a good game overall but we are looking to come out much sharper in our game against SOHO at home.


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