10-Man Clarence Coyotes Continue Control, Cruise, Capture 3-Rose Colored Mother's Day Points in Brownfield

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10-Man Clarence Coyotes Continue Control, Cruise, Capture 3-Rose Colored Mother's Day Points in Brownfield Empty 10-Man Clarence Coyotes Continue Control, Cruise, Capture 3-Rose Colored Mother's Day Points in Brownfield

Post  david martinez on Mon May 13, 2019 11:44 am

Ace rolled up, straight from his Syracuse two night club scene binge.  Now that's commitment.  [the post game stories included one about the various vultures encircling his 'Cuse crew at the Club, ranging from; night #1: a) gay male & b) straight, desperate female - to night #2: *trysexual [*"I'll try anything" was the quote] female ; fun times]…

(we had to move our home game as the Town Hall Park field was closed) The newly constructed Medaille turf field was pristine.  The weather was not.  It was chilly and there was some light mist at times.  Fortunately, the diagonal wind was blowing towards the corner/scoreboard end of the field and toward the plume of gaseous waste being emitted by the industrial era relic 100 yards away.  Everyone who was there is, today, crossing their retrospective, collective fingers in hopes that the area under and around the field was legitimately cleaned up ala Brownfield prior to the field's construction...

There may've been 5 or 10 minutes in the second half where BSC Inter had some control and some pressure, but, I thought we controlled the supermajority of possession and had much better chances from whistle to whistle.   Inter has some tall dudes on the team and a few kids with some good skill - nonetheless, we are pretty deep this year, and even though we were missing a few, we had at least 5 subs, and have a next-Yote-up mentality that makes us tough to rattle...

Our 2019 recruited class continues to make immediate impacts.  Recruit Ryan picked up where recruit Greg left off last week, and scored a sick header to open the scoring (off of a very nice pass from JJ).  One of our most beastly goals of the evening - our 4th - came from recruit Tony 'the Tiger's' over the shoulder boulder holder unassisted blast from about 17 yards out.  Back in the first half, Josecito produced a lovely individual effort, culminated by a lovely layoff inside the 6 yd box to JJ, who made no mistake to put us up 2-0.  They scored one to cut the lead in half just before halftime, but not before an unintential knee to the head dazed LP1 during a save.  He seemed shaken all game after that...  A Coyote thoroughbred, Mr. Brody received a beaut from Chris (Bera-Cuda) Berardi, shot, saved, picked up his own rebound and muscled it home, just as the half-time whistle was gonna sound.

3-1 half.  good guys.

After Tone Loc's made it 4-1 -(or maybe before) they had a couple through balls - one resulted in a hard foul PK.  They shot it over.  Later, another through ball resulted in a sliding LP and their last man colliding.  The overzealous ref gave LP a straight red.  Recruit Ryan stepped in and saved the PK!  This happened with about 25 minutes left.  We had 10 men from this point on...

To cap off the night, Bera-Cuda received a nice pass from Brody and ripped one -it rang off of the underside of the crossbar and bounced in.  The goal was one for the ages.  The celebration too - kind of a dusting off move on his shirt above his heart...

5-1 final.  Well deserved win and a just result.

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