Clarence Coyotes Get Gary From Germany, Eke Out Win After Outlasting Alliance, Advance

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Clarence Coyotes Get Gary From Germany, Eke Out Win After Outlasting Alliance, Advance Empty Clarence Coyotes Get Gary From Germany, Eke Out Win After Outlasting Alliance, Advance

Post  david martinez on Thu May 30, 2019 9:52 am

I jokingly gave JJ the screwface look as I pulled into Mulroy's parking lot - Kanye's "Two Words," was, after all, blaring out of the open windows - he stonefaced me back, then we both laughed...I made the loop around the lot (in an attempt to intimidate the warming up competition at the near goal -- (it didn't work))...Anyway, as I rolled past the entrance and found a good spot, I peeped something strange coming in- it almost seemed like it hovercrafted in, real weird - I stopped, kind of rubbed my eyes, and focused -- I thought it could have was!  Gary.  Gary was in the sidecar...Greg was at the helm - the dynamic duo were in one of those WWII era, German Motorcycles with a sidecar (BMW maybe) - the scene was incredible.  majestic even.  Greg was helmetless, his long locks flowing like a mix of Michael Bolton and Axl Rose, and Gary (with a helmet on, obviously) was with him, haunched out, with this sick scarf on, flowing in the clean, South Buffalo air - almost visible was the Clarence Coyote crest on one end, paired with the stitched-in, Tehel Cup on the other end, wait, there were two stars stitched above the scarf's cup, one for each Tehel Cup we've won - fantastic...they both had on the goggles.  Come to find out, Greg swung by St. Pauli FC (in Germany), scooped up Gary, and hovercrafted/drove straight to the game.  Gary was worth it...

In keeping with the post's somewhat historical theme, it is important to give some historical context to the game:  The only other time we had faced the spry OP Alliance squad, was in Round 1 of 2016's Tehel Cup: we Coyotes won that closely contested match and went on to hoist the vaunted trophy that year...

Both squads warmed up with confidence - each hoping to land the final spot in this year's round of 32.  We came out with about 80% of the possession.  OP seemed to be a bit in awe/analyzing what we were about.  I was on the bench.  That only lasted for about the first 12 minutes or so.  then, although we Coyotes maintained the majority of the possession, it wasn't much more than 55% (maybe 60) - anyway, I came on about 17 minutes in.  [I immediately kicked some kid - hard -  whilst going for the ball.  I apologized.  it was an accident.  I was actually embarrassed - I am a lot slower than I used to be.  He was very cool about it.  (I did the same thing to another kid later - embarrassing).  Sorry about both of those - I was like a slew footed turtle that first half - did better in the second]- anyway, around the 20th minute, and around the middle of the field, JJ head-flicked a beaut to Beracuda, who, in turn head-flicked a beaut to a gliding Gary - Gary does this effortless thing over and over in games, where he controls the ball and any oncoming defender like some footballing Jedi - he did it again, beat one or two dudes and passed the ball past the keeper from about 14 yards out.  I was the first one over to him - instead of complementing his skill and grace, I said, "you just made every Yote out here a PLUS ONE!"  He laughed.  it is good to have Gary back.

1-0 at half.

The second half was pretty even, I guess.  They have a bunch of good skill guys, and some speed.  They countered pretty well at times.  With about 7 minutes left they scored to tie it up.  I was on the sidelines, but I saw that LP made a sick, point blank save, and then somebody else blasted one in after a little ping-pong from about 3 yards out.  Fortunately, someone was offsides.  Gary explained later that it was a good call: as the first dude shot it, there was a guy past him in an offside position.  Eventually, that offside dude either touched the ball and a 3rd guy scored, or that guy scored - I couldn't really see from the bench, but the explanation kind of made sense...Needless to say, I subbed in at that point, and we basically played kicky-go-getty to close out the last few tense minutes.  We snuck out of this one.

1-0 final.

JJ played very well all game - and was instrumental in killing off the last few minutes.  Ryan was beastly.  LP1 made 2 or 3 fantastic saves to earn the clean sheet.  Jason "falker" Falk worked very hard and played well.  We all did well.

Gary was the MVP.

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