The BUSS Blows Out Clarence 5-0...for 57.5 Minutes, Then Blow Out 2 Tires - 3 Wheels Fall Off - Coyotes Comeback, Earn Point!

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The BUSS Blows Out Clarence 5-0...for 57.5 Minutes, Then Blow Out 2 Tires - 3 Wheels Fall Off - Coyotes Comeback, Earn Point! Empty The BUSS Blows Out Clarence 5-0...for 57.5 Minutes, Then Blow Out 2 Tires - 3 Wheels Fall Off - Coyotes Comeback, Earn Point!

Post  david martinez on Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:50 am

Fight to the finish.  One of this year's mottos for the Clarence Coyotes.  Although we have only earned 2 points over the past three games, we are flush with confidence.  More importantly, we are flush with heart (playing card pun intended).  Last night's Coyote Comeback was historical.  Never, in our Club's storied history, have we battled back from a five goal deficit and earned point(s).  Indeed, no member of our squad had ever been on ANY team that had come back from being down five - until yesterday...

Down Richmond, right on York, continue on to Porter, left on 4th, quick right into D'Youville's parking lot - it only took about 7 minutes to get to the field - I had Jay-Z's Young Forever on repeat, and pulled into the lot before the 4 minute song got through a second go round.  It got me amped up - Excited to step out there, playing on a good team with good guys in a competitive division - feeling Forever Young...

We seemed relaxed and confident - a bit grumbly, nonetheless, wondering who would show, as we only had 9 or 10 and it was nearly 6 pm.  I glanced over at the orange kits across the warm-up pitch - they seemed chipper - chomping at the bit the earn their first premier win this season.  

The first 5 minutes were back and forth - nothing special...but then, they scored.  A strong goal.  1-0.  They scored another fairly early on  and closed out the half up by 2.

It was hot out, and we were losing - we had a few subs, but Kowi was concussed and wouldn't return - it seemed like a few of us had our heads down - not customary for the Coyotes...We needed a pick me up, not some bullhsit 5-hour drink or some bullhsit powdered blast, a real-deal Coyote speech - Gary took the reigns; the guy gave a pep talk for the ages -- and it worked, we lulled them into 3 more quick ones within the first 12 minutes of the second half for them to take a 5-0 paper tiger lead, and then, it happened - - - Kowi turned to me, gave me a woozy, concussed dazed, glazed look and said, "get in there, Dave."  I said, "It's David," and went in.  Sammy went in as well.  I, on the side, Sammy up top.  They had just scored their 5th.  The BUSS was pimped-out:  Over the course of the first 57.5 minutes, they got a new paint job (burnt orange), got their windows tinted (smokey grey), threw in amps, woofers, a kicker box, and some sick spinners - the tank was filled - the 3 points were already being counted.  Everyone was clapping and smiling on their side after their 5th.  They were ready to cruise around the Lower.  I was watching Mike Malcolm clapping and smiling and walking back to his side as they went up 5-0, that's when Kowi turned to me...

We jumped in, I screamed out, "one every 6 and a half for the tie.  c'mon boys!"  I noticed a few orange shirts giving me the incredulous 'look at this goggle wearin' fool' look.  As we set up for the post goal kickoff, I said, "Sammy, three quick ones for the hatty.  I have a hat for you, bud!"  Sammy scored within 30 seconds.  Perfect pass from Gary.  We were on the board.  5-1.  Flat tire.  I screamed out again: "one every 6 and a half for the win."  Five minutes later we earned a PK (I think it may've been a hand ball).  Gary passed it in cleanly.  5-2.  I noticed a little more pep in our step.  I screamed out, "one every 7 for the tie!"... Five minutes later, JJ filters a neat pass to Sammy, who buries it!  5-3 - we'd managed to match their second half goal total - BUSS' wheels were falling off. I screamed out, "one every 7 and a half for the tie!"  I didn't notice any incredulous looks this time.  I subbed out (a plus 3 at this point).   The next ten minutes or so were back and forth, we were pressing, though.  ...Throughout this entire second half and once or twice in the first, LP1 was making some sick saves.  He had at least 3, 2-kneed sliders (2 of which were against one year/ex-Coyote Mo), and 3 or 4 veer/punch aways.  Another very good game by LP... Kowi told me to 'get back in there!'  I went to the side judge: "next chance please."  I saw Beracuda Berardi get the ball around 20 yards out...I looked over at the side ref: "after this goal, please."  Sure enough, the Wizard buried it (an excellent 2 v 1 pass from Clint).  He grabbed the ball and ran it to the center.  5-4.  Another flat.  I hoarsely yelled, "one every 5 for the win!!"  We were brimming with confidence.  Gary, admittedly, had a chubby.  3 minutes later, Gary professionally arced a set piece into the 6 yard box - to a waiting Brody, who head/necked it home for the tie.  Brody is a horse who lives on the knox estate in East Aurora.  A gentle giant who you do not want to mess with.  5-5!  I broke a vocal cord screaming, "one every seven for the WIN!"  There were 7 minutes left.  I was a plus 4.  They pressed us but couldn't finish.  

5-5 final.  


The after party was at Greg's backyard in his ultra-inclusive Allentown neighborhood.  I parked in front of a lovely dark and light pastel purple Victorian about a half a block away and strolled in.  The party was great.  We had vegan tofurkey hot dogs and craft beer.  there were, like 5 or 6 dogs running around.  A bunch of Coyotes.  a toddler with a hat.  some neighbors.  a tenant.  chips.

Gary did the crip-walk down Wadsworth.

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