Gary Garners Clarence Coyotes 300th Goal!

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Gary Garners Clarence Coyotes 300th Goal! Empty Gary Garners Clarence Coyotes 300th Goal!

Post  david martinez on Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:05 am

Lost in all of the hubbub surrounding our historic, 32.5 minute, 5 goal comeback Blitz on Sunday, was the attaining of a special club milestone: Clarence Coyotes 300th goal (in recorded history (since 2008)) was scored - and scored by a Coyote Legend, to boot - Gary Boughton!  Gary's PK (the team's 2nd goal of the evening), notched in the 63rd minute on Sunday, will not only go down as epic, in that it was key en route to our comeback - it was also our Club's 300th!  So, another feather in our club's (and in our leader's) cap...

This sport is awesome.

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