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Post  david martinez on Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:12 am

Kowi tossed me a Pomegranate Spritzer as we watched the full moonrise just beyond Dick "Sparky" Adams' pristine field, and said, "sorry I didn't get you enough minutes tonight" - "No problem, Ko," I replied, "15 and 17 minute shifts aren't bad, bud, plus, you did what you thought was best for the team..."

There were about 8 or 9 of us to stay and watch the highly acclaimed matchup between Amherst and the Raiders. Tough, hard-fought match by both squads. Amherst had a solid chance early - a streaking, quick kid (who I think played for Yemen last year) beat a few Raider defenders and blasted one from just inside the box - the keeper made a strong save. I had an ice cold beer after the Spritzer. AC shagged 4 or 5 misfires as we huddled up for warmth on the chilly bleachers and talked about how we only need to run the table in order to control our Premier playoff destiny. Ko and JJ lobbied for a Del's after after party, but it was already, like, 930, it was father's day, and I was ready to go home. Plus, there was a heated, alcohol infused argument in the backyard area of the adjacent apartment complex, among 4 or 5 portly gents, and I wasn't trying to catch a stray bullet - particularly on Father's Day. I left with about 10 minutes to go in the 0-0 match. I made a pit stop in the Sauna-like bathroom (toasty warm - the highlight of the evening) and went home.

The full moon was huge.

We lost 4-2 in the first game.

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