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Potential Soccer Fields Empty Potential Soccer Fields

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:02 pm

Andy Evenhouse prepared the following list of soccer fields in Western New York.

N French
Lassalle Park
Chris The King
Caz Park(2 Fields)
Wales Town Hall
Lapp Rd
Beaver Island Opark
Creekwiood- Amherst
Green Acres
Maple East
Kenney Field
Maplemere E S
Spruce E S
Buffalo Soccer Club
W Seneca S C
Walden Pond
Westwood Park
Como Park
Knox Fields
ECC North
ECC South
Gateway Longview
Clarence Town Park- Main St
Clarence S C
Rumsety Rd
Hillary Park- Mineral Springs
Potter Rd School
Schiller Park (Villa Maria)
Walden Park (Walden Before Bailey)
Houghton Park (Clinton Past Ogden)

Lancaster HS
Depew HS
Canisius HS (Clinton Road, in W Seneca)
Park School - 2 Fields
Gow- 3 Fields
Christian Central ( Div 2)
Falk School
Orchard Park (New Turf)
Lew Port (Turf)
N Tonawanda- 2 Fields
All High- (Turf)
W Seneca Christian ( Union Rd)
St Joes( New Turf)
N Collins ( New Turf)
Pioneer( New Turf)
Springville HS
St Mary's Lancaster( Turf)
Amherst HS ( Turf) (Grass )

Lancaster Middle( Aurora Flats)
Court Street - Lancaster
ECC North And South
Canisius College ( New Turf)
Buff State( Turf)
Fredonia State( Turf) (Grass)
Lowery- Nt
UB - Old Turf
Blasdell Elem.
John Sciole - Depew
T Roosevelt School- Jfk District
Sidway- G Island


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