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Post  lasercul on Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:20 pm

BSDL members,
I am a college sophomore looking for an internship. I am interested in pursuing a career in either broadcast media or business management. I know the economy is in the tank and I will take almost anything at this point.
I have an extensive resume and impressive experience for a college sophmore.
Thanks tons,


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Looking for a Job Empty Advice for any broadcast internships

Post  Michael Mroziak on Thu Mar 05, 2009 10:21 am


Prior to my current line of work (marketing communications) I spent some years working in local media companies. It's from that experience that I offer you this advice...

Broadcast internships are not difficult to obtain. Submit a resume and cover letter, work with a professor or guidance counselor if you feel it helps, but DO NOT count on any paid internships. They simply don't exist in broadcasting. In fact, don't count on paid internships most anywhere in this market.

Also, while I would not want to discourage a young person from pursuing a dream of broadcasting, you should know that the entire industry, radio and TV both, is cutting back and trying to operate as cheaply as possible. One of the three TV stations in town bought out 10 employees and fired 2 on-air staff last fall, while the other channels are also trimming rosters. With the rise of internet and online media, the traditional media are still trying to evolve simply to stay alive. Newspapers? They're going the way of whale oil.

In my best conscience, here's the advice I'd offer you - get the broadcast internship. Enquire at every station in town. Even the smaller ones (ex. WECK, on Genesee in Cheektowaga). While you won't get paid you will learn the inner workings. And, you'll possibly get some eye-opening experience about what life really is about in the industry.

Meanwhile, if you do wish to pursue braodcasting, go for it. BUT, have another path in mind, whether it's business or some other form of communications (like the path I took). While broadcasting might be a good starting point for a successful career, it would be wise to treat it as a first step, and not necessarily put all your eggs into that basket.

I wish you all the best - it's talented kids in school or just getting out that are REALLY going to feel this recession.

Michael Mroziak
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