Empire 90 3 | Orchard Park 0

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Empire 90 3 | Orchard Park 0

Post  wbegy on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:53 am

Looking to avenge a 6-1 league loss three nights prior, and to get some revenge on a couple of boorish Empire 90 players from that same game, Orchard Park came to play in this Sweet 16 Tehel Cup match-up. A scoreless first half was highlighted by a lone OP opportunity off a volley from 18 that was saved by Tyler Cominsky, and three missed chances by E90 and one nice save by the OP keeper off a hard shot from 25 yards out. OP was strong through the defensive middle and packed the box well as E90 couldn’t muster much from the perimeter. 0-0 at the half.

The second half started with more of the same as E90 had just a slight edge in territory and possession. 10 minutes in though a defensive breakdown by E90 led to a diagonal pass to an alone OP player but his one timer from 10 yards out was fired wide. Shortly afterwards, but 110 yards the other way, a low cross from the corner bounced around in the OP box and eventually settled in the net. I’m not sure who struck it from E90 or whether it was even an own goal from OP. No doubt on the second goal though as a few minutes later Nate Bechtold danced with the ball along the OP 18 and eventually struck a low shot to the far post that found the net. The scoring was closed out as Matt Olix was taken down in the penalty area by the OP keeper as he stared at an open net. The young men deferred to their elder and let Tom Garigen take the PK which he converted despite a valiant attempt by the OP keeper who did get a piece of the well struck ball.

This was a very competitive game with excellent sportsmanship and was much closer than the 3-0 final. To their credit, OP had reason to play recklessly but did not. Admittedly, E90 was not on best behavior the Sunday prior but OP sought their revenge on the field of play within the Laws Of The Game.


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Re: Empire 90 3 | Orchard Park 0

Post  P. Shoppa on Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:02 pm

Great recap, sign this guy up for the Buffalo News.
P. Shoppa

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