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For the Good of Soccer.... Empty For the Good of Soccer....

Post  Ski on Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:58 pm

This was sent to all the managers and I am posting this up here. If anyone can help, please contact him at the numbers below. Thanks in advance.

Dear Buffalo district Soccer League,

My name is Marc LaMorticella, I am the Athletic Director and Physical Education teacher at Tapestry Charter School. Tapestry Charter High School is an Expeditionary Learning School (ELS), emphasizing high achievement through active learning, character growth and teamwork.

Each year as we grow our Physical Education program, our after -school athletics have grown. We are members of section six sports. We are an Independent school in section six.

For grades 5-8 we have over 40 students Boy and Girls that play soccer for our school. This program has been in place for five years now. We are trying to build the dedication to the sport to the next level. This will be our first year having a Boys High School Soccer team. The problem is we are having trouble scheduling games against other schools, due to teams having full schedules and limited field space.

If you have any suggestions or leads for possible matchups, scrimmages, clinics, etc. I am open to your input and any information that you could send our way. Thank you for your time.

Marc LaMorticella

Athletic Director/Physical Education

Tapestry Charter School

40 North Street, Buffalo NY, 14202

716-332-0754 ex.112 work

Bryan Staniszewski
716-861-4690 mobile

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