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Celtic 2 - TCFC 1

Post  Michael Schieber on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:29 pm

For the second straight season TCFC met a Premier team in the second round of the Tehel Cup on a gloomy Wednesday evening and for the second straight season City's post game feelings were as dark as the weather.

Let it be known that Celtic had to work hard for their win vs City. Tonawanda proved it was certainly not afraid to play a tough physical game against the Premier club and weren't intimadated by their solid reputation. The first half started with both teams trading possession. The wet conditions led to both teams losing possession rather easily. Once the teams settled down and got the feel of the ball, the chances started to grow. Celtic struck first off a corner kick. The ball landed in the box and after several failed attempts to clear. it was finally knocked home for a 1-0 Celtic lead at around the 20th min. Celtic confidence began to grow and the assumed control for the rest of the first half. Celtic was turned away a few times by Schooner keeper Nick Doyle, eho played very well all game. Finally around the 40th min Celtic countered a TCFC attack and finished a low played cross to a crashing forward to make it 2-0 Celtic. TCFC looked a little rattled as the whistle blew to end the half.

During half time City made a few adjustments to their attack and focused on trying to get back into the game. Celtic's confidence turned into over confidence as the started the second half on their heels with little possesion and a lot of defending. Tonawanda pressed the Celtic defense early and often until they were finally rewarded at the 55th min when Anthony Johnson found a wide open Matt Meyers on a far side cross. Meyers unleashed a superb weak footed blast from around 20 yards out that spun in beautifully off the post (Meyers assured me it won't happen again this season) to make it 2-1. Tonawanda continued to pressure Celtic with their new found confidence. Celtic defenders though held strong and the rest of the team realized City wasn't going to just roll over for them. The intensity in the play picked up notably after that, including some hard fouls by both teams. Despite some good chances Celtic defense held strong and they came away with a 2-1 victory.

TCFC found itself on the wrong end of another good game. Hopefully they can take this good play in Tehel Cup to the league games.

GL to Celtic in Premier and the Cup

Matt Meyers (2)
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