Roos v Lakeside

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Roos v Lakeside

Post  DrewMaloney on Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:48 pm

The most highly anticipated game in BDSL history Lakeside came to the Boneyard looking fancy as ever in their pink, silk kits.
Roos had a "full" squad of 18. Lakeside had a good 14 or 15. I put full in quotes, because we had 19 players, but were informed by the AR that your gameday roster can only be 18 players..... This of course has not been a rule for 5 years. One might question the credentials of said AR. Not knowing the roster rules, not knowing what offsides actually is.... goes hand in hand.
I don't know who the middle was, never heard of the guy, must have been his first game because the only call he made was this morning at 10 o clock to confirm the game. (jk, Andy, I love you). Lakeside has a great team, we knew going in this would be the toughest game the Roos have played since Lazio Stallions in '07.

Roos started the game off right by immediately turning the ball over, a common theme throughout the game. Roos had some success early holding possession, so they did the smart thing and stopped doing this immediately. Lakeside center mids were some of the best we've ever played against, causing many turnovers stifling every Roo attempt to build something. Roos had a great chance early on but was mishit wide. A turnover in the midfield led to Lakeside breaking through and finishing a nice ball from just inside the 18. 1-0 Lakeside about halfway through the first. Lakeside really started to control play at that point and Roos didn't have an answer. Second half started and the Lakeside assault continued. Roos defense played another strong game and held strong. Roos finally seemed to catch a break as Ryan Odonnell and Scott Campbell had a 2 v 1. The AR who earlier did not know the rule about how many players can play called an iffy offsides that took a goal off the board for the Roos. Lakeside skill was too much for the Roos to overcome. Best chance Roos had was a great effort by Andre Taulbee on a bicycle kick that went wide... way wide.

It was a great run in Tehel Cup by the Roos. Sad to see it end, good luck to Lakeside, they are a great squad. Few whiners on the team but that's to be expected by a bunch of fancy lads. I would expand more on the game and post a picture of the mess Lakeside left by their bench (classless), but beats aren't going to play themselves. Off to Thirsty Buffalo I go, you can catch me there every Thursday for throwback night, playing 80's and 90's jams. Fridays there as well. Stop by and say hi, I'll insult you personally as opposed to in an online setting!

I would do anything to see a Lakeside/Wolfpack next round match. Also, we would have won, 9-0 if Lakeside didn't complain about the original ball making us switch, that was our lucky ball. Lakeside knew this. Rats.

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Re: Roos v Lakeside

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:51 pm

Honestly one of the best team games we have played all season. It all started in the midfield for us, and we really had strong bouts of possession and ball movement using everyone on the field. Our final touch in the last third seems to be what is keeping us back. Dave Pierce was able finish a great ball from Luke Lennox for our goal.

I think the Roos were significantly better than we thought they would be. If we didn't play one of our best games of the year there is no doubt they could have won. Easily could have tied it up yesterday a couple times as well. The offsides call and another breakaway in the second were both very good chances. Their goalie was awesome. Probably kept them in the game, making 2 magical saves and 3-4 other very good ones.

For reference, our complaining was at about a low to moderate level yesterday. We can really ramp it up when we want, but I think the Roos took care of a lot of the on-pitch chatter. Not least of which came from the mother/girlfriend/wife/stalker on the sidelines in between the benches. Some of her chirps were unreal. She threatened to murder one of our players at one point. I think she should have started chirping earlier in the game, it could have easily eaten away at our admittedly frail emotions.

I am happy to be back in the semi's, I just hate that we had to beat the Roos to do it. They are a good bunch and Drew is hilarious. If the league doesn't rig a drawing of Lakeside/Wolfpack at Nichols next round I don't know what they are thinking.


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