Central and left Midfielders looking for team

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Central and left Midfielders looking for team

Post  J4justin on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:31 pm

I have played with several different BDSL clubs and in the RDSL as well. Me and my friend Johnathon are looking to play in the summer. Honestly, right now we just want to join a club. Whatever division you play in, it really doesn't matter. I am currently training to play this summer. The league starts in 1 month today, so if you need a couple reliable midfielders, who know how to play, then send an email to Wittcop4@yahoo.com. We both play controlled, team soccer none of this kick the ball down the field and make people chase. We play short simple balls and prefer to play with possession and smart passing. We both can score or play set up. I have been contacted by a couple teams but I'm really not looking to just sign me and not him so it needs to be both. Thanks! you wont be disappointed!

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