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Post  spfallon9432 on Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:45 pm

To all D2 and D1 teams...OP Quake has an extra forward that is no longer a great fit with us due to all our offseason additions. He has interest from multiple D3 squads but frankly does not want to drop down a division nor should he need to based on his skill level. His name is Chris Duerr, 23 yr old Striker who played at Frontier then college at Mount Union for 3 years. Tied for goal scoring leader on our squad last year. He's a good kid with a good finishing touch, quickness and height. If anyone is still looking for forwards he is more than good enough to be at least a good depth forward for any D1 and D2 squad. If anyone is interested in him I am trying to do him the favor of finding him a landing spot instead. Reply here, DM us at OP_QUAKE on twitter if interested I can provide his direct contact info.


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Post  maxpayne0245 on Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:21 pm

Excuse me while I kiss the guy! The OP Quake selling forwards like its a Rabbit farm! Here they stand like greyhounds in the slips, ready to throw a teammate into the garbage dump that is the player classifieds. He does not fit your style, you and your team, always looking for a bigger bang for your buck. Why dont you take a look in the mirror Huckleberry Hound! You think you got what it takes to be the good team, just getting rid of teammates and friends, willing to let poor Nelly starve because you think you are daddy worbucks, walking around like a bdsl prince! You are nothing more than a mutton dressed as a lamb and I'm Farmer Brown ready to take the wool right off you!

You sir are a sandwich short of bread. A team full of one hit wonders when their team won 2 games. You can post this on your teams bulletin board. You might think that this league is your big apple, but I'm Johnny Appleseed and you're nothing more than a worm! Treating players like they are hard cheese. You throw this player off your team then act like you are Gary Coleman trying to do whats right. Grow a few inches kid and start acting like a man, before you start treating people like this.

Your team is about to eat some humble pie and luckily for you youre about to taste this leagues dingleberries! Open wide because your 2 wins are about to taste nice.

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