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Post  Matt Marcin...z on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:59 pm

Since Rademaker and Schieber seem to have everything else covered, I just thought I'd make a contribution where I could. The Wood Cup preview is as follows:

Matt Marcin...z

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Wood Cup Preview Empty Re: Wood Cup Preview

Post  aeaton on Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:52 pm

I think I will help you finish this Matt

Heres the random draw using a randomizer-

North West Region

1.Meerkats (Default since they played in the last Wood Cup Final) Bye
16. Cheektowaga v 17. Tonawanda United
9. FC Yemen II v 24. Revolution SC
8. Stone Jug v 25. Haz Benz

Tonawanda wins 7-0
FC Yemen II wins 3-2 in extra time
Stone Jug wins 3-1

Meerkats lose to Tonawanda 3-0
FC Yemen II beats Stone Jug 1-0

FC Yemen II lose to Tonawanda 4-1

Tonawanda represents the NW Region

South East Region

4. Youngstown Marksmen (bye)
13. Pendleton United FC v 20. Great White Buffalo
12. Celtic Classic v 21. FC Aftershock
5. Dutch (bye)

PUFC wins 4-2
FCA wins 2-0

Youngstown beats PUFC 2-1 in extra time
Dutch beat FCA 3-0 (Sorry guys!)

Youngstown lose to Dutch 3-2

Dutch Represents the SW Region

North East Region

2.FK Bosnia (bye)
15. West Side FC v 18. Devils
10. Rampart FC v 23. Ukraine
7. Buffalo Blizzard v 26. Crimson Fire FC

Devils win 2-1
Ukraine win 3-1
Fire win 3-3 on PK’s

Bosnia lose to Devils 3-2
Ukraine lose to Fire 2-1

Bosnia lose to Fire 3-0

Crimson Fire FC represents the NE Region

South East Region

3.Rust Belt United (bye)
14. Lasalle v 19. PLYSA Toros
11. DSC Buffalo v 22. Aurora Arsenal II
6. Celtic 1888 v 27. WNY United Reds

PLYSA wins 4-0
DSC wins 8-0
1888 wins 2-0

Rust Belt loses to PLYSA 6-0
DSC beats 1888 4-1

DSC beats PLYSA 2-1

DSC Represents SE Region

Tonawanda United v Dutch
Dutch edges TU with a late equalizer then the go ahead goal with moments left in the match 2-1

Crimson Fire FC v DSC Buffalo
Quick goals by both sides only for neither club to find the back of the net until extra time were both clubs score Crimson Fire wins on PK’s 2-2

Dutch v Crimson Fire FC at D’Youville under the lights because it’s the WOOD CUP!

Dutch come out strong maintaining possession 80-20 the Fire hold their lines and the keeper comes up huge making save after save. Crimson Fire score on a quick counter at the 30’ mark as they chip the keeper. Fire hold on until half but still continue to play a defensive match. Dutch again come out strong determined to break the Fire keeper. Dutch equalize at the 50’ mark, on a beautiful cross into the box near the 6 and headed with authority into the back of the net. Dutch are quick to claim a second goal as they receive a corner kick again with a punishing header just under the bar 2-1 55 min played. Fire start to get rattled as they can’t move the ball forward, and start to play a little chippy. 63’ in and a straight red in the box Dutch capitalize on the penalty 3-1. Fire start to play kick ball and break through 1v1 with the keeper but hit the upright. Dutch start to grab beers on the bench as they know they are closing in on the Wood Cup. 74’ in and Dutch score with a laser from 25 out and they start to shotgun beers on the sidelines, wait the Dutch players on the bench are now walking out of the facility 4-1. 83’ The Dutch bench returns with a keg and start to do keg stands as the Fire are in disbelief its now 5-1 as the Dutch Keeper turned in his gloves for a goal as he ran down to the Fire box and karate kicks the ball into the side netting. 88’ The Dutch keeper again runs down the field this time slamming 2 beers (Stone Cold Steve Austin style) a no look donkey kick makes 6-1. 91’ The Dutch keeper looking for the hat trick in the return of the Wood Cup he runs down yet again this time with a 40oz of OE duct taped to each hand, my god it’s the return of 40 hands!!! He has done it he nets his third with a bicycle kick from 20 yards out and surprisingly does not spill a drop of his beers! 7-1 Dutch take the Cup and immediately fill it with Jack Daniels and start chugging. Dutch then challenges the crowd to a drinking match and of course they drink the 100 plus spectators under the table only then to challenge any BDSL club to a drink off. Understanding that PUFC will need Kool-Aid in their sippy cups they revoke their offer to PUFC and the Wood Cup will never be played again as Dutch have ruined it for everyone!


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Wood Cup Preview Empty Re: Wood Cup Preview

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:09 am

well here I thought this post would go ignored until one of Bartosik's "free agents" made a comment on it in July...that Dutch v Crimson Fire game needs to be held

Matt Marcin...z

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Team : Polonia
Full Name : Matt Marcinkiewicz
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Wood Cup Preview Empty Re: Wood Cup Preview

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