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Crimson Fire FC 2 - West Side FC 2

Post  MitchAC on Mon May 23, 2016 10:56 am

Finally a beautiful day to play soccer against a team which a bunch of good guys. We all agreed to a moment of silence at the 7th minute as a few of our guys knew CP7 from GI. WSFC had about 4 subs and we had a full squad showing with 19 guys so 18 subs. Jamie Asbach then proceeded to joke around about someone getting injured so we had less subs and then I got hurt... Thanks Jamie. Anyways

Crimson definitely started with possession having a few chances but WSFC got the first goal before the 7' mark. Every time WSFC had the ball they looked for Brian Knapp in the midfield who was a game changer for them. A nice few give and goes through him sent 13? through into the box. Mark Passintino definitely beat him to the ball and we thought he would clear but was pushed off the ball which may have been called as a foul but wasn't and he slotted it right under Guarino. 1-0 West Side. After that the next time the ball went out everyone took a knee, a beautiful act by everyone. Soon after that Fenesse sent Dan Tarbell the ball up the right side who saw Jamie Asbach running towards the middle, delivered the ball and Jamie made no mistake tying the game. Both teams had a few more chances, Tarbell and August both had breakaways which WSFC keeper did a great job/they shot right at him. 1-1 HT.

Second half started with West Side holding possession at the beginning. Knapp continued to be the architect in the middle, moving the ball effortlessly and efficiently. Luckily, no damage was done and we found our legs and started to hold our own again. After a few chances Tarbell stole the ball from a defender and and dribbled the ball into the 18 forcing the keeper to come out and then had the lightest shot I've ever seen, the defender almost able to slide it out but it went in and CFFC up 2-1. With about 10 or less WSFC were able to tie it up on a FK which found Knapp wide open who made no mistake.

Definitely feel that we were the better team, had more possession and chances up the wings and hit the crossbar in the dying minutes. Probably could have been a few more yellow cards, especially for a defender bear hugging Fenesse after he beat him in the corner from behind, which they were laughing about after the game. WSFC said it the best as the game ended "BK you stole us a point there." Great game with a bunch of guys that didn't take it too seriously. Good luck moving forward.


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