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In a much needed game for our squad, coming off the thriller the previous week, we did what needed to be done.
It probably didn't help FC Yemen that they were down a few guys due to red card suspensions.

I don't really have a lot to say about this one. It was actually fairly boring to be honest.

-We scored first on a PK that was awarded within the first 5 minutes of the game. I can't remember exactly how it happened. I think Polo was taken down during a decent scoring chance. Actually, yes, he got the ball outside the box, took a defender, and was hauled down. Penalties have been rough for us this season (we have missed 4 of them). Mate Tarr stepped up to the line and calmly put it past the keeper to his left, Mate's right.

1-0 BUSS

-Daddario made an absolutely brilliant save about 15-20 minutes in. A Yemen player got behind our defense in an offside position, (side note...remember to talk about how poor the offsides calls were later on) received the ball just beyond Mike inside the box, and lasered one to Matt's right hand. Matt's quick reactions got his hand up just in time to parry the ball over the net. It was one of the best saves I have ever seen in person.

-Yemen gets one back on a shot from the center of the 18 that Matt could not see, and had no chance on.


-In the 40th minute or so we earned a corner kick that was taken by Miguel. Miguel placed a beautiful curling ball to the back post where Polo was waiting basically unmarked. His header was directed towards the ground and beat the keeper. Polo has been excellent for us in recent weeks.

2-1 BUSS

I would love to tell you all about what we discussed at half time but I was busy trekking through the woods at Sahlens looking for Pete Marlette's soccer ball. All in all I was in the woods three times looking for soccer balls, one of which I kicked in there. Let me tell you, that was not fun. I have the scratches and I believe a wasp sting to prove it. Anyways...

-We came out strong in the second half. About 15 minutes in Polo played a through ball between the FC Yemen CB and RB that found Kyle Clifford in stride. With Kyle's speed nobody was going to catch him. As he walked in on goal he must have had something like this going through his head: "Two weeks ago I had a breakaway against Ski and flubbed it wide to the right. Last week in the Tehel Cup I had a breakaway and tried to beat the keeper. What should I do?"
Well, he walked in alone and slotted the ball on the ground to his left, keepers right. Looked pretty easy this time. In all reality, Kyle has been the best player I have seen play this year. Even though he was a bit off of his game this week, he still created some incredible chances for us.

3-1 BUSS

-A few minutes later an FC Yemen player gets the ball into the box and is "taken down" by Mike. I put that in quotations because he literally screamed before contact was made and dove to the grass like he was shot in the leg. Not sure if the ref had a blocked view or not but he gave them the PK. Shawish stepped up and beat Daddario to the left.

3-2 BUSS

The rest of the game seemed to finish without many great chances. We were pretty content to get the W, while FC Yemen didn't seem to switch up their formation much to get an equalizer.

All in all it was a decent game for both squads. My player of the game is Polo Suazo. The guy was incredible and has been for a few weeks straight now. He is pushing for the BDSL 1st team nomination. When Polo is on his game I would argue there is no better CM in the BDSL.

Good luck to FC Yemen. Of course we don't want to wish them too much luck because we are fighting with them for our placement in the table.

I have decided that I will not talk about the refs. They were very friendly and I'm sure it is a very difficult way to earn your money. Especially when a bunch of grown men, and for some on our team, past their prime are constantly in your ear. They were average.

We get a one week break before we play Sharpshooters in a game that could determine if we have what it takes to compete for a playoff spot, or if we could be involved in the relegation race.


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