Ukraine 2 - Depew Village 1

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Ukraine 2 - Depew Village 1 Empty Ukraine 2 - Depew Village 1

Post  3em6epek on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:18 am

Great weather and a great game by both teams.

In the first half, Depew controlled the passing game for the most part. Most of the attack came through the middle with quick, short, and accurate passes. Meanwhile, Ukraine were attempting to place long passes down the field and although a few crosses and breakaways came as a result, Ukraine had been unsuccessful in creating good scoring opportunities. Each attempt to push the ball forward was met with a strong challenge by one of Depew's defenders or midfielders. In addition, Ukraine were struggling to maintain possession as quite a few turnovers took place in the middle and the back line and some frustration seemed to be building up among Ukraine players as a result. Depew were very disciplined in holding the back line even and keeping the Ukraine forwards at bay very effectively. Quite a few Ukraine forwards were either caught offside or were too far back to chase the long pass which was collected by Depew defense very easily. No significant danger was placed on Depew's net for the most part. Eventually, a long ball from the back line and a quick, precise touch up top by one of Depew's strikers put him in an excellent position to take a shot. He capitalized on this opportunity with a great strike to put Depew in front 1-0. Both teams had a few additional chances but no serious threats were made to either goalkeeper for the rest of the half.
In the second half, Ukraine began pushing forward a bit and started challenging Depew's midfielders a little more effectively. Depew's strategy seemed to slowly shift towards a defend-and-counter pattern seemingly looking to keep the one goal lead and potentially catch Ukraine off-guard. A few breakaway situations were created for Depew strikers, however, they weren't able to find the back of the net as they did in the first half. The pressure finally paid off for Ukraine as a high flying cross from the right was headed into the net by one of Ukraine's strikers.
With the two teams tied and both looking to advance to the next stage, the game opened up a bit more. Depew regained some of the control in the midfield and were sending diagonal passes to their wingers who created some dangerous opportunities for Depew at the edge of the box. Meanwhile, Ukraine were finally able to string a few passes along the side lines and a dangerous low-flying cross from the left almost made it 2-1, with two Ukraine strikers missing the ball by a few inches. A few minutes later and with about 10 minutes to go, another run down the left flank and a low flying cross resulted in a goal for Ukraine to make the game 2-1. With the last few minutes, Depew attacked relentlessly and looked to even the score. However, Ukraine were able to keep it at 2-1 until the final whistle.

Great game by both teams. Best of luck with the rest of the season!


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Ukraine 2 - Depew Village 1 Empty Ukraine - Depew

Post  Ukraine FC on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:08 pm

Next year we'll play in same ligue

Ukraine score:
Djorje Savija - 1:1(best goleador) Laughing
Volodymyr Khekalo - 2:1 bounce (after brilliant cross from Miroslav Rakich) Laughing

Good luck for Depew

Ukraine FC
Ukraine FC

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