Tehel Cup Semis Predictions: Celtic v Queenston FC

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Tehel Cup Semis Predictions: Celtic v Queenston FC

Post  Michael Schieber on Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:09 pm

Celtic v Queenston FC 7:30pm @ Lewport High School

So my first preview came to the conclusion that it might be a great game between two evenly matched up teams. Here sadly I think I'm looking at a much different game.

There might not be a team you'd want to face less right now the Celtic. For the first time since Skis hat became a regular part of his uniform Celtic have missed the Premier league playoffs in a 3-1 loss to rival powerhouse BSC Raiders last weekend. Couple that with only Celtic Hoops earning a playoff spot while the rest of the teams under the Celtic banner floundered and this was the worst year ever maybe for the Celtic empire. A Tehel Cup victory could safe some face for them though. I expect a angry Celtic team to arrive on Thursday. I expect them to really but the screws to Queenston FC and do everything they can to bring home some silverware to salavage this tough year.

Queenston on the other hand is in a very tough spot. They are currently on a 2 week stretch of 4 games against consistently quality oppenents. After their PK win v FC Yemen to get here they looked a bit sluggish against Sporting on Sunday losing for the first time all year. Now they have a playoff date vs Rush FC to earn a Premier berth and in the middle here face a Celtic team looking for a patsy to beat on. It all doesn't bode well for Queenston. I have no doubt the Paraliment with come to Lewport playing for a win but I just dont like how this has broken for them. Its kinda of ironic that their breezy early Tehel Cup slate has turned into a possible death trap for them.

The only saving grace for Queenston could be the Celtic mind set. Did Sundays loss have them check out mentally on the season already? Instead of them coming to play will they just roll over and die under the lights? I just cant get there. I hope Queenston can keep it close but i wont be surprised if the scoreline gets away from them late.

The Pick: Celtic 5 Queenston FC 2

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