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Confident Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Continue to Clip Competition, Primed for Playoffs

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Confident Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Continue to Clip Competition, Primed for Playoffs Empty Confident Clarence Coyotes Cruise, Continue to Clip Competition, Primed for Playoffs

Post  david martinez Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:53 am

As he was preparing to leave our post game festivities around the benches at field #11 Clarence Soccer Center, Jason "don't call me Falker" Falk, said, 'No problem, whatever the team needs,' as someone told him nice job dropping back and filling in for 90 minutes as a center-back -- this response/reaction sums up this year's Clarence Coyotes soccer team - we are a team - a unit - we stay positive and do what we need to do on a weekly basis for each other and for ourselves in order that the team is successful - Gary leaves his place in Indiana in the wee hours of the morning in order to make it in time to stretch out his haunches and help lead the squad; AC throws up an extra time or two in the post wedding Sunday in order to make it out to GI in time to help us clinch a home playoff game; JJ constructively criticizes me once or five times after I make a slightly errant pass; we attack as a unit; we defend as a unit; and we drink beer as a unit...

We had a relatively comfortable win last night, on grass.  We waited until 6:17 for more of their guys to show up, and Yemen started with 9.  Their Mateo showed up 11 minutes in and subbed in (with me and Kurt) at the 13 minute mark.  They had 10 guys for the remaining 77 minutes.  - We scored 1 in the first half (with about 20 minutes to go, maybe) - Berardi ripped one off the post and scored after he gobbled up his own rebound.

1-0 at half.

We were calm at halftime.  We knew that, irrespective of their skill and stamina, 10 v 11, at this level,  is nearly impossible to overcome.  JJ rifled a beut to make it 2-0.  I think this one was off of a sweet pass by Gary.  Gary is one of the best players in WNY - hands down.  He is laser focused, super committed, and brings patience, skill, and leadership every single game - the guy is, literally, a professional soccer player (look it up) - and deserves first team all-BDSL honors.  He had a game yesterday, that's for sure...

...anyway, Sammy 'SS Youngblood' Sutherland is a silent but deadly monster.  He scored our third and assisted Reidsy on our fourth.  Both he and Reid are quick and skilled.

[As an aside, their #99 is a Mesi-like strongman with some of the best technical close quarters footwork in the league - he is very good - and (I think) he scored one and assisted on the other...]

Shout out to Stef, JJ, Greg (Braveheart), Jason, & Clint for stepping it up a notch or two last night...

4-2 final

We all worked very hard and played well, as a unit, up and down the field.

We are very much looking forward to playoffs.

david martinez

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