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Post  aeaton on Sun May 14, 2017 11:48 pm

We made the trip up to Niagara University for an 8pm kickoff. Temperature dropped a bit but the winds stayed steady throughout the match. NFC had 3 subs and Quake had 4 which would be dropped to 3 halfway through the first due to injury. Quake started with the winds to their faces and possessed the ball fairly well. NFC used the wind to their advantage a few times trying to catch the backline off guard. Around the 25' mark Fisher (I think) cleared the ball off the line as NFC had a great chance to take the lead off a corner. The first half went back and fourth a bit I wouldn't say either side looked better than the other. Lamos had the best opportunity in the opening half but seen the ball just go wide but not by much. NFC had 2 great chances with free kicks around the area however one dropped to me with no-one around and the other couldn't make it past the wall. Half time approaches still level at 0.

Second half got under way NFC I thought had the better ball control and movement to start the half however it shifted in the late stages where Quake looked as if we were going to get the go ahead goal. From the 55-75' marks the match was back and fourth neither side really looking like they were going to break through. The final 15 minutes Quake had their chances but could not get one past Kraska, I don't think he had anything to testing outside of one maybe during that time frame. Neither side could find the back of the net. 0:0 as the final whistle blew.

Solid effort on both sides of the ball tonight, Niagara has some great guys and a solid squad. Good luck the rest of the way. Clean match no cards didn't get chippy outside of the norm.


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