Revolution SC 2 - Rust Belt 0 (70min)

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Revolution SC 2 - Rust Belt 0 (70min) Empty Revolution SC 2 - Rust Belt 0 (70min)

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:01 pm

Well, we showed up at our field around 5:40 and noticed there were two teams already there. Seems the D1 game before us was in a thunder/lightning delay. They didn't start back up until 6:10, and there were 25 minutes still left in the game. That meant that we needed to play 35min halves in order to get the game in before the lights went out.

I would say we had the majority of possession/chances throughout the game. We missed on a few opportunities in the first half, and a ton of opportunities in the second. Nothing major happened in the first half. It ended 0-0.

We got on the score sheet early in the second half. Corey DeVille somehow got a pass across to Sam Fahy before being absolutely clobbered inside the 18. Sam found Ryan Pulaski who placed a great shot into the side corner. 1-0. With about 5 minutes left, Corey was taken down from behind, outside of the 18 (about 25 yards out). He took the free kick, and it was a beauty. He started the shot just over the head of the first man in their wall, and hooked it passed the goalie from there. I had a great view to that shot, and it was fantastic! 2-0. Some talking and arguing happened, nothing unexpected from our sides though. We could/should have had another 3-5 goals if it weren't for their keeper coming up with some huge saves (and Chad not being able to avoid shooting right into the keeper). We get a well deserved rest this week. It feels good to be back in the playoffs again. This season was one of the best for our squad in quite some time, both on the field and off the field (with our post game gatherings). The best group of guys to play with in any league! Now we are off to face an even bigger challenge, getting our first win in the playoffs in two years. We can't wait!

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